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Fortinet and TPx

Combining leading Fortinet technology with TPx seasoned experts for more than 10 years, together we deliver truly integrated network and cybersecurity solutions. 

With a TPx and Fortinet solution in place, get better visibility and control across your branch offices and remote locations. The architecture is simplified, protected and monitored all the way to the edge of the network.

Why TPx + Fortinet?

TPx services, powered by Fortinet, provide customers with secure, effective networks that are properly configured and managed.   Our experts manage and monitor your Fortinet devices 24/7/365. 

While in-house solutions can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop to full maturity, our services provides immediate value and protection for your business. We offer different levels of service to better match your needs, and with predictable monthly expenses, you can better budget for your IT.

Reduce exposure to cyberattacks and malware

Enable productivity with secure communications and connectivity

Monitor and manage networks in real-time

Meet compliance

Limit downtime and outages due to network issues or cyberattacks

Maximize network operations with comprehensive reporting

TPx Combines Fortinet’s Industry-Leading SD-WAN and Security in a Powerful Single Offering

Next-Gen Firewalls

Protect any network edge at any scale

Secure SD-WAN

Enable resilient, seamless, secure networking

Next Generation Firewalls

Get peace of mind your security actually works and can adapt to changing business requirements and threats. FortiGate Network Firewalls enable organizations to build security-driven networks that weave AI/ML-powered FortiGuard services deep into the Hybrid IT architecture to secure any edge at any scale, providing more visibility, consistent, coordinated end-to-end security policy, and optimal user experience. Fortinet leverages efficient supply chain management to meet customer delivery and installation timelines.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-fast, validated & proven security, end to end.

    Avoid breaches and business disruptions by preventing ransomware and other cyber threats.

  • Consistent real-time defense

    Powered by automated threat intelligence in minutes, not hours or days.

  • Price and Performance

    Industry leading price to performance and TCO.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs by eliminating point products.

  • Operational efficiency and automated workflows

    Zero touch provisioning and centralized, cloud-management across NGFW, SD-WAN, Switch and AP.

  • Securely Work From Anywhere

    Enable a seamless user experience. Scale: Meet escalating business needs with hyperscale security

  • Scale

    Meet escalating business needs with hyperscale security.

Secure SD-WAN

Powered by security-driven networking and purpose-built processors enables infrastructure and networking teams to deliver improved user experience, instant ROI, and simplified operations. Self-healing WAN capabilities, advanced routing, a natively-integrated next-generation firewall, and centralized orchestration accelerate digital transformation at scale from edge to cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Natively integrated security

    Reduces the need for security expertise while providing faster identification and resolution of security issues.

  • Improved user experience

    Quick and efficient routing of applications across the best WAN link.

  • Accelerated convergence

    Thanks to the industry’s only organically developed, purpose-built, and ASIC-powered SD-WAN, which enables thin edge (SD-WAN, routing) and WAN Edge (SD-WAN, routing, NGFW) to secure all applications, users, and data anywhere.

  • Lower TCO

    Zero-touch deployment, ease of management, and support for multiple communications channels, all combined into a single, multi-path WAN solution, which enables organizations to maintain rapid growth while reducing costs.

  • Simplify operations

    Centralized orchestration and enhanced analytics for SD-WAN, security, and SD-Branch at scale.

Why TPx for Your Managed Services Needs

We aren’t here to replace your IT team; we are here to augment it and make it more efficient.

Cost-effective, enterprise-grade services Support available 24/7 Multiple service levels: Every service is customized to your specific needs
Seasoned and continuously trained IT, network and security experts at your immediate disposal Extensive experience — TPx brings its carrier network DNA to your local network One-stop shop for everything your business needs, including unified communications, managed security and managed IT