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At TPx, we combined human expertise with powerful Fortinet technology to deliver a robust managed firewall solution that would boost your business’s secure access, visibility, and control.
FortiGate is your network’s FortiOS log view tool and comprehensive monitoring system. It integrates real-time and historical data into a single view on your FortiGate. It can log and monitor network threats, keep track of administration activities, and more.

Based on your preferred level of service, you may receive read-only local access for your firewall or remote access set up via a VPN.
Let’s take a look at the FortiGate user interface to learn more about its valuable tools and features and how they can help strengthen your network’s security.

Fortinet Login

How to log in to your FortiGate Web GUI

Update Password

How to change your TPx FortiGate password

Dashboard Options and Widgets

How to create and customize new dashboards

FortiView Sources

The Sources tab provides traffic information and prioritizes the data by bandwidth and the highest amounts of traffic.

FortiView Destinations

The FortiView Destinations tab provides information about the destination IP addresses of traffic on your FortiGate unit and the application used.

Network: Interfaces

Physical and virtual interfaces allow traffic to flow between internal networks and between the internet and internal networks

FortiView Policy & Objects

Any traffic going through a FortiGate has to be associated with a policy. These policies are essentially discrete compartmentalized sets of instructions that control the traffic flow going through the firewall.


Multiple antivirus profiles can be created for different antivirus scanning requirements.

Security Profiles: Web Filters

Web Filters restrict or control user access to web resources and can be applied to firewall policies

Application Control

FortiGate can recognize network traffic generated by a large number of applications. Application control sensors specify what action to take with the application traffic.

VPN Status

SSL VPN allows administrators to configure, administer, and deploy a remote access strategy for their remote workers.

Log & Report

TPx can create customized specific reports to be delivered automatically as often as every day. You can set your report frequency and categories and change them at any time.

Log & Report: Events

All event subtypes are available on the events tab.

Log & Report :Web Filters

Web Filters enable you to see what is permitted and currently being blocked on the network

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