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Dynamic E911 for UCx with Webex

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Fortinet Single Sign-On

Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO), formerly known as FortiGate Server Authentication Extension (FSAE), is the authentication protocol by which users can transparently authenticate to FortiGate, FortiAuthenticator, and FortiCache devices
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What to expect during MSx Firewalls Onboarding

The first step in the service relationship is Onboarding.  Onboarding includes the start-up activities necessary to ensure that the ongoing service meets your specific technical and customer-service requirements.  This includes provisioning and installing firewall hardware to your specific needs, setting up monitoring, and establishing communications processes. The onboarding process is led by the TPx team and with your engagement is typically completed within 32 business days.
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MSx Firewalls Product Description

The MSx Managed Firewall solution provides a 24x7x365 state-of-the-art set of security services including Unified Threat Management (UTM) that TPx manages to provide a best-in-class line of defense against internet-based threats.  The TPx team and its group of highly trained security professionals based in our Security Operations Centers (SOC) will configure, deploy and assume the management of a customer’s next generation firewall (NGFW).  The configuration and monitoring of the firewall will provide real-time automated responses to malicious activity based on threat intelligence.
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Welcome to MSx Firewalls

MSx Firewalls provides management of a next generation firewall (NGFW) with today’s advanced Unified Threat Management (UTM) features. It is designed to help keep your network secure while also providing great visibility and control over your network.  The CORE Support level includes management of the device with basic features like anti-virus and web filtering.  MSx Firewalls OPTIMUM service also includes other UTM features like custom web filtering, application control, intrusion prevention and anti-spam along with longer log retention and more reporting capabilities.  Refer to MSx Firewalls Product Description for more details.
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VPN Remote User Installation and Configuration Guide

Welcome to your step-by-step instruction guide to downloading, installing, and configuring the VPN client software that you will use for your ITx for Firewalls VPN Remote User access. This guide  will lead you through the following steps:
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