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VMware SD-WAN™ and TPx

Market-leading VMware SD-WAN technology plus award-winning managed services from the trusted experts at TPx equals a perfect network solution for your business. 

VMWare SD-WAN by TPx

Partner with VMware and TPx for reliable,
high performance networks

Is your network future proof? Let the experts at TPx show you how to keep up with the evolving technology of today and prepare your network for the future. With enterprises and consumers depending on cloud apps and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, you need more bandwidth to keep your business running. Switching from legacy wide area networks (WAN) not only makes a big difference in network performance, but also drives a greater return on investment.

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why VMware SD-WAN by TPx

Don’t take our word for it.

Goodwill Industries trusts TPx to manage their SD-WAN and protect it with firewall security.

VMware SD-WAN™ by TPx Solves IT Pain Points​

Many enterprises have complex infrastructure at their branch offices, which is expensive to buy and maintain and complex to manage. With VMware SD-WAN™, companies can solve the challenges of expensive bandwidth, branch complexity, and rigid architecture.

Pain Point Benefit
Complex and slow operations • Simplified, flexible infrastructure that enables continuous network uptime, resulting in increased sales and productivity
• Accelerated M&A activity and new site deployments
Expensive to scale bandwidth • Optimized bandwidth usage across the entire organization, resulting in significant cost savings
Poor application experience • Assured application performance
Backhaul for cloud services • Future-proof network to support digital expansion
Increasing security threats • Ability to apply network-wide security policies and insert local, third-party and cloud security services wherever and whenever needed
Lack of network visibility • Centralized, simple, complete network visibility for proactive management and problem identification
Inability to segment traffic • Leverage segmentation to separate work-related network traffic from any home Internet activity
Why TPx Managed Services

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