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Recession Proof Your Business: Three Ways an MSP Can Save You Money

It’s no secret that a managed services provider, MSP, relieves pressure on your IT team and provides top-notch service, but did you know an MSP can help you save money as well? Here are three different ways an MSP can save you money and make your business recession-proof.

#1. Predictable Monthly Costs

Using managed IT services can simultaneously reduce IT costs and boost productivity. How so? With an MSP, you are able to tailor IT services specifically for your needs and pay a fixed charge for services rendered. This all-inclusive framework reduces any unforeseen fees you might otherwise incur. In addition, you don’t have to foot the expense of paying internal employees overtime or holiday pay. In this way, your monthly costs are kept under control and predictable. With a recession on the horizon, making sure you have fixed IT costs is critical.

#2. Pay Less for Hardware and Software

MSPs are in a unique position to use their strategic partnerships to provide not only the best experience to businesses but often the best price too. After accessing your needs, an MSP can provide you with models, descriptions, and prices when you request software or equipment. MSPs can then lock in the lowest, most competitive price compared to other vendors or sites because they have agreements with several IT manufacturers and vendors. This enables them to offer lower rates to customers, cutting your overhead and giving you a recession-proof operation.

#3. Lower IT Department Expenses

Your internal IT department expenditures can also drop when you work with an MSP. MSPs act as an extension of your team and can collaborate with your existing internal IT team or help augment your team. You might find that you don’t need to hire or train any additional staff members with a specific skill set—or that you can reduce the size of your current IT team. Additionally, since an MSP manages IT needs, you can spend less time and money focusing on legacy or on-premises systems and focus your time on other projects for better return on your investment.

Indirect Financial Impacts

In addition to the overt savings an MSP provides, you also get considerable auxiliary financial benefits. For example, you can enjoy:

  • Enhanced security. This reduces the number of time-consuming and costly security incidents you have to tangle with.
  • Less stress on your IT team. An IT team that’s less stressed is more likely to stay, which saves you the expense associated with high turnover.
  • Access to industry experts. With genuine experts on your side, problems get solved faster and the first time around, both of which result in significant savings over time.

When deciding how to handle your organization’s IT needs, hiring an MSP may seem like an expensive option, but it can actually help you save money and give you a recession-proof business. You can altogether avoid the cost of hiring and training new employees because MSPs can either work in tandem with your existing IT staff or take over all IT-related duties.

MSPs frequently handle all of your IT requirements for a fixed fee—resulting in more predictable IT spend. Plus, with around-the-clock support in case any issues arise, you have the peace of mind your IT will be functioning properly without having to sorry about paying out costly break-fix charges. Also, having professionals keep an eye on and update your security equipment decreases the chance of a pricey cyberattack and the resulting downtime. Reach out today to learn how TPx can deliver these savings and more.

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