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Internet Failover

Your high-speed Internet connection is critical for conducting business and communicating with customers, suppliers, investors, and employees. When it goes down, your business stops. Thanks to SD-WAN technology, it’s never been easier or more affordable to establish Internet failover protection.

The Importance of Internet Failover Services

We live in an unpredictable world, from power outages and natural disasters to cyberattacks and damage to a fiber-optic cable. That’s why it’s always good to have a plan B for your network, ensuring that your business is up and running, no matter what. You must invest in a backup circuit for your business so that your Internet connection never goes down. Thanks to Managed SD-WAN from TPx, it’s never been simpler or more affordable to establish Internet failover protection for your business.

Failover Configuration Options

Two Circuits

In this setup, both connections are in active/active mode. That means that the Managed Services Router decides, for each traffic session, which path is the best path in that moment. You do not need to feel like you are paying for bandwidth you aren’t using.

Three Circuits

For added peace of mind, you can utilize three circuits — all active or one in standby mode — for the ultimate measure of connection certainty.

5G / 4G LTE

TPx offers SD-WAN over 5G/4G LTE as a primary, secondary or failover options to reduce or eliminate the need for wireline connectivity. In primary mode, all SD-WAN traffic is transported over the 5G/4G network. In secondary mode, the 5G/4G connection is active but sharing throughput with a primary wired circuit. In failover mode, the 5G/4G link is dormant until needed for automated failover of the primary circuit.

Inbound Continuity

This configuration provides static public IPs between the core network and your gateway to support inbound Internet failover for remote users and web traffic. Without this, inbound traffic is limited to one circuit – so if it goes down, external sources can’t reach your site or VPN

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