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4G LTE Networking

TPx has brought two powerful technologies together by adding 4G LTE-based connectivity to its Managed SD-WAN service. This service is available at nearly any U.S. location with cellular coverage.

Primary Connection

4G LTE Primary Connection

This Active-Active option may be provisioned as a standalone connection with MSx Managed SD-WAN. In the primary configuration, all SD-WAN traffic is transported over the 4G network. With up and down bandwidth averaging around 20 Mbps (depending on service in your area), 4G LTE can be used for the vast majority of data needs. It can work with real-time bi-directional data such as video and voice, as well as high-speed data transfers such as large file downloads or video streaming.

Secondary Active/Active Connection

4G LTE Secondary Connection

This is an economical LTE connection for sites that also have a connection (either from TPx or another service provider) that’s delivered via our Managed SD-WAN solution. It will act as a fully functional Active-Active connection, sharing throughput with a primary wired circuit. The TPx Managed Service Router will choose the 4G circuit whenever it is the best path. This is a great alternative to a second cable circuit for provider redundancy, local access redundancy, and additional bandwidth.

Failover-Only Connection

4G LTE Failover Connection

Unforeseen disasters can be a threat to business productivity, so organizations need to consider deploying 4G LTE at branch sites for failover connectivity. Unlike dual-wired connections, which often share the same trench into a building and are subject to errant backhoes, 4G LTE provides true path diversity and ensures non-stop Internet access. The 4G link is dormant until it’s needed for automated failover of the primary circuit, so you won’t be unnecessarily using up your mobile data allocation.

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