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Internet Access

We deliver fast, reliable Internet with the bandwidth you need to handle all your devices. Mix and match network access types for distribution centers, branch offices, remote workers, temporary access, continuity, or whatever speed your business requires. 

Reliable Connectivity to Keep Your Business Ready

TPx delivers scalable, reliable services at an affordable price and is designed around you. Connectivity is provided over our facilities-based nationwide network and is monitored 24/7, so you can rest assured that your information is delivered. Fewer hops, less packet delay, and measured performance wrapped in an industry-leading SLA, and you’ve got a winning solution.

Features and Benefits of Internet Access with TPx

Multiple Access

Internet access isn’t one size fits all. Choose the best option for your business with a variety of different access options including: fiber, copper, TDM, and carrier grade fixed wireless, leveraging the TPx Ethernet ecosystem.

Superior Network Redundancy

Interconnected network facilities enable traffic to be automatically routed along the fast route possible to another point of presence when needed. Smaller carriers may put your business connectivity at risk by creating single points of failure.


Private peering agreements with the major traffic haulers create single hop connectivity and guarantee a direct path to the destination and back. We’re able to route your traffic quickly, resulting in less latency and potential performance improvements.

Flexible Bandwidth for a Flexible Workforce

With TPx, your businesses can scale your bandwidth usage up or down depending on your needs, without having to pay for extra capacity.

You know SD-WAN solutions make it easier for businesses to manage their network, provide quality performance, and create bandwidth efficiency. But did you know that in addition to being an effective network management tool, SD-WAN can save your business considerable cash?

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