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How SD-WAN Solutions Can Save You Money

SD-WAN is exploding as a business solution, with a projected compounded annual growth rate of 31.9% according to ReportLinker. This growth is for good reason. SD-WAN solutions make it easier for businesses to manage their network, provide quality performance, and create bandwidth efficiency. But in addition to being an effective network management tool, SD-WAN can save you considerable cash. Here’s how.

Updating Legacy MPLS to SD-WAN

Legacy MPLS systems are pricey. They often require private infrastructure, which can be expensive to deploy, maintain, and upgrade.

By switching to SD-WAN, you can get a faster, more agile solution and pay less in the process. The infrastructure you use is in the cloud and managed virtually. That makes its deployment and maintenance less expensive.

Right Sizing SD-WAN Circuits

It’s common for traditional network architects to over-provision each circuit in the setup to accommodate for spikes in bandwidth demands. This can get very costly.

But with SD-WAN solutions, you can right size your SD-WAN circuit. There’s no need to over-provision your circuits because you can control how your network balances bandwidth needs. When an application, function, or location needs more bandwidth, SD-WAN makes sure it gets it — without any added cost.

Faster Failover Times

It’s easy to underestimate the money-saving power of SD-WAN’s faster failover times. But in today’s networks, minutes can cost thousands. With SD-WAN solutions, the failover from one connection to another is nearly instantaneous. This means that with SD-WAN solutions:

  • Customers don’t have to navigate to another provider.
  • Business operations don’t have to pause.
  • Important communications don’t have to be put on hold for extended periods.

Improved Bandwidth Efficiency

Because SD-WAN solutions enable you to optimize how your network uses its available bandwidth, you can save considerable money. For instance, with an inefficient bandwidth management system, you may be forced to invest in a far more expensive plan to ensure all facets of your operations get the throughput they need.

With SD-WAN, on the other hand, the system allocates bandwidth across your network according to demand, which maximizes efficiency and saves you money.

Reduced IT Support Costs

SD-WAN solutions automate much of your network management, which means you don’t have to rely on IT support nearly as much as you would if you had a manually-operated network. In addition to cutting down on IT support costs, SD-WAN frees up your internal IT team to focus on revenue-generating projects instead of figuring out ways to optimize your network.

In other words, SD-WAN both saves and makes you money.

TPx can provide you with the perfect SD-WAN solutions for your operations. By partnering with TPx, you can save money while enjoying a more efficient network with less downtime and high throughput. Learn more by connecting with TPx today.

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