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UCx Features (In Bundles and Add-Ons)

UCx with Webex Signing into Call Center Queues

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UCx User Bundles and Features

With our UCx user bundles, it’s easy to build a Unified Communications service that meets your unique requirements. The following table lists all features included in each UCx bundle. A detailed explanation of each feature is immediately below the table, with links to supporting documentation (in green text) where available.
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  • 3092

UCx Add-On Features (User and Group)

In addition to the standard UCx User Bundles TPx offers optional add-on features that you can apply to individual users for additional functionality. You are welcome to purchase one or more of these add-ons, provided they are compatible with the user bundle purchased for that user.   The following table lists all available user add-ons.  
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  • 1660