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7 Reasons Managed Connectivity Beats DIY

While uptime is essential to businesses, investing in the right network provider can be costly and subject to inflexible pricing. Opting to outsource your internet delivery and management via a managed service provider (MSP) alleviates the burden of dealing with carriers. An MSP will also act as a trusted advisor and partner, ensuring reliability and advocating on your behalf. Read on for the top eight reasons to invest in managed connectivity instead of managing it yourself.

1. Better Value for Price

Most organizations are confronted to fixed pricing based on network coverage and bandwidth. If your business is not a large corporation, your power to negotiate with internet carriers is heavily limited. In contrast, managed connectivity providers have negotiating power thanks to their large circuit footprints. They can broker on behalf of their clients, going directly to the network carriers to get the best deals. TPx’s nationwide footprint, for example, gives our customers extra negotiating leverage when it comes to pricing because carriers are incentivized to compromise due to longstanding established partnerships and the scale of our coverage.

2. Faster Support and Resolution

No business can afford to be down for long. To maximize uptime, MSPs respond more rapidly to resolve issues that may arise and also provide proactive, preventive support where it’s needed. This means that even when things go wrong, companies don’t have to dedicate additional resources to restore the connection or endure frustrating back-and-forth with carriers; they can rely on their MSP to get the job done.

3. No More Vetting or Investigating

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting your internet carrier. Many organizations pour precious time and resources into research and vetting out carriers for the right fit and best price. That time could probably be much better spent elsewhere. MSPs possess market knowledge that they can leverage to get the latest offerings from carriers thanks to their insights into numerous providers. They can also lend their expertise to assess a business’s needs and recommend which managed connectivity options best suit them.

4. Customized Network Solutions

The structure of each business varies, and no solution is truly one-size-fits-all. Instead of hoping one carrier will offer all the right options, an MSP’s relationships with numerous providers mean that services can be combined to create the ideal solution for evolving business needs. Downsizing, scaling up, or switching providers is much easier with an MSP managing your connectivity. Organizations can also leverage an MSP’s expertise and industry knowledge for speed, cost-saving, or other recommendations as their business grows.

5. Faster Time to Value

Managing connectivity on your behalf means MSPs can leverage existing partnerships and relationships with carriers to deliver much faster implementation than individual companies can obtain. The right MSP will take over the entire process of finding a carrier, negotiating terms, and contracting the carrier for the network — all on behalf of their clients — and in a much quicker timeframe.

6. Trusted Advocacy

The best part of managed connectivity? The obvious. It’s “managed” by your MSP. MSPs act as intermediaries with carriers, meaning companies don’t have to communicate directly with their providers to get reliable connectivity, troubleshoot issues, lower fees, or negotiate the best price. Opening a new location? Your MSP can help determine your connectivity needs without you having to speak to a carrier even once.

7. Streamlined Billing

Gone are the days of keeping track of many invoices and bills from different providers and carriers. With an MSP, organizations only have to pay one invoice instead of numerous separate fees. TPx, for example, acts as a partner for its clients and consolidates all circuits into one bill, handling relationships with providers directly.

MSPs Manage Connectivity

You have better things to do than research connectivity and deal with carriers. Trust TPx for managed connectivity so you can focus on running and growing your business. Get in touch today to get started.

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