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Employee Spotlight on Stacy Conrad

We are proud of the work we accomplish at TPx, and it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible employees and leaders. Each month, we highlight one employee to learn more about their role and what makes them tick. This month, we sat down with Stacy Conrad, SVP, Channel Sales to talk about her experience.

Stacy Conrad is an accomplished technology executive with more than two decades in sales and channel leadership roles with telecommunications, cloud service providers and distributors. She has been with TPx since 2018 and was promoted to SVP, Channel Sales in 2021. Read on to learn more about Stacy.

It’s been a little over a year since you were promoted to SVP, Channel Sales. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

For sure the team I built since taking on this role.  We’ve invested a lot into building out our channel team over the past year. I’ve hired numerous  new channel managers and sales directors along with promoting some key individuals, which has led us to expanding the team by 22%. This investment in our team allowed us to exceed our sales goals in 2022. I fully anticipate that the momentum we built over the past year will continue well into 2023.

You were recently recognized as a CRN Channel Chief. Tell me about what this recognition means to you.

I am extremely honored to be a CRN Channel Chief. This is my first year winning this award and one I have aspired to achieve. There are so many great leaders recognized on the 2023 CRN Channel Chiefs list and am honored to be in such great company.

Tell me a little about the Channel team.

I have an amazing team of 27 Channel Managers located across the country, a dedicated director team, and an overlay team that supports our national partners . This is the largest channel team we’ve had at TPx, and we will continue to grow and invest in this team so we can better support our partners from coast to coast. Our team works hard to build meaningful relationships with our partners and support their customers  through the services and solutions we offer. 

How do you motivate your team?

I am fortunate my team is very motivated today, the great comp plan we have helps! They also genuinely enjoy working with partners and helping them personally succeed in their businesses. The relationships they have with many of their partners are going on 5, 10 and even 20 years now. And finally, I have a competitive team, everyone likes to be at the top of the stack rankings each month!

What do you like about working in the channel?

The channel is such a great community. The relationships that are made can last a lifetime. I have worked with many of the same partners for the past 23 years and continue to deepen my relationships with them. I also enjoy developing new partnerships every day and being able to help small business owners succeed. At the end of the day, the channel is all about the relationships you build.

What is the most important thing channel partners can do to be more successful in 2023?

Education is critical to success in 2023. The technology landscape is changing so rapidly. Partners need to understand these changes and how products and services can address pain points for their customers.

As a woman in a predominantly male industry, what is your advice to young women wanting to succeed in this industry?

Get out there and getinvolved. There are so many great people willing to help, and plenty of organizations like the Alliance of Channel Women that empower women and celebrate their achievements. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You will be surprised how many people are willing to share their lessons learned and how they paved their own way for success.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life?

I have been very fortunate to have some great mentors very early on, but even more important some great sponsors, that have helped me climb the ladder at the right times in my career.  Like everyone I have had my share of bumps in the road, but your attitude and how you manage them, has always allowed me to find fulfilling and exciting opportunities.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you?

DE&I to me means the ability for everyone to be represented and chosen for their skills, thought leadership, and passion.  It is the opportunity to surround yourself with people from different backgrounds and experience and allows you to open your eyes to see the world in a different and often better way. Specifically in the channel, people buy from people and having a diverse channel allows us to successfully relate and work with more partners.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

My family and friends, I have been very blessed to have an amazing circle of loved ones surround me!

How do you enjoy spending your time on the weekends? 

On the water! I love boating, the beach, the pool, anything near water. Unfortunately, I am very pale and have to use way too much sunscreen!

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