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Managed Inbox Detection and Response

Protect your business from phishing threats by empowering employees to be part of the solution. Managed Inbox Detection and Response provides professional evaluation and handling of suspicious emails reported by users — right from the inbox.

Email Phishing Protection with
Managed Inbox Detection and Response

Efficiently Report
Suspicious Emails

Inbox Detection and Response gives users a faster way to take the guesswork out of questionable emails by reporting them with a single click right from the inbox.

Quickly Validate
Reported Emails

Using advanced technology and human security experts, reported emails are validated and either returned or removed within minutes.

Identify and Remove
Malicious Emails

Reported emails that are deemed malicious are removed from the user's inbox. Other recipients of the same message will also have the message removed, even if they did not submit the email for review. This helps you minimize the opportunity for other users to fall victim to phishing attempts.​

Why You Need Managed Inbox Detection and Response

Your email security is not something you should take lightly. While many organizations try to prevent phishing emails through employee awareness training or by fine tuning their email security filters, these methods alone can’t stop opportunistic, targeted email attacks from turning into potential security breaches. TPx’s Managed Inbox Detection and Response (IDR), powered by the GoSecure Titan Platform, equips your staff with an intuitive tool that offers easy reporting, automated scanning and professional human threat evaluation of questionable emails.

Don’t Fall Victim to Costly Cyberattacks

The majority of all security threats start with an email. Phishing, the practice of tricking internet users, typically with deceptive email messages, into revealing personal or confidential information, is the most prevalent threat in the US. It is also the costliest, with US businesses suffering adjusted losses of over $54 million according to FBI’s IC3 2022 report. Unfortunately, employees often fall victim to phishing tactics, leaving businesses vulnerable. Having the right email phishing protection in place can help mitigate your risk and protect against costly attacks. 

How Managed Inbox Detection and Response Works

Expect Better Email Phishing
Protection When You Choose TPx

With TPx’s Managed IDR, we can provide the phishing protection you need to minimize your risk. Plus, with our email phishing protection, our expert team manages the investigation, detection, and remediation of phishing emails, which can be a time-consuming burden for many organizations to do on their own. 

This turn-key email phishing protection solution is provided for a fixed per-user monthly cost. You benefit from having exceptional security without the expense of acquiring and managing the technology in-house. TPx technical support ensures that your organization receives maximum value.

Security threats constantly change, and our solution evolves with them. Enhancements to the security capabilities and performance of the IDR platform are automatically provided to maximize efficiency. With Managed Inbox Detection and Response, gain best-in-class security technology and automated machine learning to quickly and accurately identify, mitigate, and prevent phishing emails.

TPx manages the performance of IDR and provides expert support and guidance. Our team is available 24/7/365 to assist and enhance the success of our solution for your business.

Secure Your Business with Inbox Detection and Response

It is time to empower your employees to be a part of the solution and stop phishing threats. Connect with our security experts and learn how we can mitigate your risk and protect against costly attacks.

Managed Inbox Detection and Response FAQs

IDR is a service that puts email phishing protection in place without a heavy burden on your IT team. IDR makes users part of the solution with a tool that offers easy reporting, automated scanning, and professional human threat evaluation of questionable emails.

Managed IDR can help prevent phishing emails and spear phishing emails from becoming a threat to your business. The integrated solution allows users to verify suspicious emails directly from their Outlook inbox.

Yes, Outlook that is fully supported by Office 365 and is required for Managed IDR.

Yes, Managed IDR makes it easy for users to identify and verify any suspicious looking emails. If a user is unsure of any email, they can submit it for instant evaluation by machine learning filters and expert human analysis. Within minutes, email messages are either returned or removed, without intervention from the in-house security team. Potentially malicious emails are globally removed for all the company’s users within the domain, stopping breaches before they can spread. Experienced human analysts are available 24/7 for support and analysis of submissions since cyber criminals don’t operate just during business hours.