Learn how connectivity and security transforms business in a cloud-based world.

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Remote Work Solutions

TPx provides a comprehensive remote work solution for easy, secure, and productive work no matter where employees are. We are a one-stop-shop for your business with robust managed IT, security, and cloud communications services.

Optimize Your IT for Remote Work Productivity

TPx is a remote-first company, so we understand first-hand the needs and challenges of businesses looking to accommodate remote workers. With the right solutions, you can cut costs while enhancing your team’s remote work productivity, security, and collaboration.

Reduce Operational Costs
Transform the Way You Work
Protect Against Cyberattacks
Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

Enable Secure Remote Work for Your Employees

Maintaining security is a challenge for any business, and when part or all of your workforce is remote, there are new security challenges to consider. Improve your remote work security and operations with TPx’s complete suite of managed remote work solutions that help your distributed employees stay secure and productive regardless of where they work.
TPx’s unified communications platform, UCx with Webex, delivers improved collaboration and enhanced remote work productivity. UCx with Webex integrates multiple functions into a single app you can use on your computer, smartphone, and tablet — so you no longer have to manage a patchwork of apps and vendors that each cover only one component of your communications requirements.
You likely already know that Microsoft 365 provides individuals and businesses with enterprise-grade remote work productivity and collaboration services they need to work easier and worry less. What makes TPx different is our approach to Managed Microsoft 365. We complement the Microsoft 365 solution by employing our IT engineers for comprehensive configurations and ongoing hands-on support.
Managed SD-WAN can often be the best choice for employees who can’t afford downtime. This powerful solution delivers better visibility and control, enabling you to prioritize and segment traffic. This results in enhanced performance and productivity of your employees. It also delivers secure, encrypted tunneling, giving remote workers the same level of security as if they were at your office.
Most cyberattacks occur through the endpoint, which is why enhancing your remote work security is critical. Endpoint management and security are both necessary components of every security strategy today, especially to enable secure remote work. TPx’s Managed Endpoints service protects your systems and users while working both remotely and on your network.
Given that humans are commonly exploited attack vectors via phishing, whaling, etc., incorporating user security into your remote work security strategy is vital. TPx’s User Security services include Security Awareness Training and Managed Inbox Detection and Response (IDR). Security Awareness Training teaches employees about cybersecurity best practices, while Managed IDR enables employees to easily differentiate between a malicious email and an innocent one.
The best way to quickly give employees secure remote work access to company resources while giving them the same protection as users that are physically in an office and behind a firewall, is by using a VPN (virtual private network). Employees connect to the corporate network using a private tunnel that sends data using sophisticated encryption methods.

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Remote Work Solutions

Want to improve remote work productivity and operations? Read our comprehensive guide about the IT solutions required for remote work, the challenges that surround them, and how a managed service provider can help you set up and optimize remote work for your business.

Why Choose TPx for Remote Work Solutions

Comprehensive Solution Set

With a mixture of both site-wide and end-user remote work solutions, it’s easy to ensure that you are getting everything you need for the office and home in one solution set from one services provider.

Complete Unified Communications

Unlike other remote work productivity solutions, UCx with Webex includes a full-featured IP desk phone and collaboration functionality backed by our unmatched commitment to voice quality, security, and continuity.

Customize Your Solutions

On top of the our flexible remote work solutions, you can add-on additional TPx services, such as managed connectivity or managed backups, to create a customized solution set for your business needs.

A Team Of Certified Experts

TPx’s team of experts is uniquely skilled in voice, networking, continuity, and security. We manage all of these services – and maintain the high level of knowledge it takes to do it right – so you don’t have to worry about it.

True Single Source Provider

With TPx’s broad services offering, you can consolidate services from multiple vendors. Save time managing other vendors and get a single point of contact, 24/7 technical support, and all your services on a single bill.

Remote-First Experience

We understand the importance of remote work solutions that can drive productivity, while keeping your business secure. TPx has more than two decades of experience providing award-winning service.

Reduce Costs While Increasing Remote Work Productivity

Partnering with a managed services provider for security, collaboration, and communication is a smart move for businesses that want to enable remote work solutions. With TPx, you can equip your remote staff with the best tools and technology without burdening your internal IT team.