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Preferred Carrier User

The Preferred Carrier User page of the UCx Web Portal allows you to view the preferred carriers your administrator has assigned to you. Preferred carriers include Intra-LATA Carrier, Inter-LATA Carrier, and Preferred International Carrier.
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Personal Phone List

Personal Phone List allows you to store frequently called numbers to be dialed from your CommPilot Call Manager. You can also import multiple numbers for this list quickly by loading them from a CSV file.
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Group Paging

With Group Paging, you can dial a paging group number or extension to page all the users in a defined group.
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Two-Stage Dialing

Two-Stage Dialing enables you to use certain UCx/iPBX features, such as Speed Dial and Account/Authorization Codes, from your mobile phone or PSTN land line. When this service is on, you are prompted for additional digits when you receive a call on your phone number.
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