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Are Disparate Communications Solutions Costing You Money?

By 2025, 32.6 million employees will work from home, making up more than a quarter of the workforce. Supporting these remote employees with technology that makes it easy to collaborate and connect is key. The challenge today is companies rushed to stand-up communication solutions almost overnight, typically on top of existing infrastructure, to rapidly adopt new hybrid and remote work environments.

From chat tools to virtual meetings to asynchronous project management, businesses have unfortunately created a disjointed, disparate communication system, leading to wasted money, decreased customer and employee satisfaction, and lost productivity. Here are a few ways a disjointed communication system could be hurting your business.

1. Wasted Money

Your business might have signed on to whatever software, platforms, or communication solutions were needed to keep the lights on. You might have duplicate or redundant tools, and there might be dozens of user licenses going unused. According to a report by Zylo, almost $17 million in unused SaaS licenses go to waste every year, and your business could be paying significantly more than you need to for communications solutions especially when you total up all the duplicate and redundant tools your employees may not be taking full advantage of.

2. Reduced Productivity

When you have multiple communications solutions, you could be negatively impacting your workforce productivity and ultimately your bottom line. According to a report by Gallup, lost productivity costs a whopping $450 billion annually. With disparate systems, employees might be jumping in and out of multiple applications to get a single task or job done. This leads to a loss of productivity and money, and after all, time is money. In comparison, a unified communications solution makes it easy for employees to work in one centralized spot, reducing the time they spend moving around platforms.

3. Reduced Employee Satisfaction

When productivity dwindles, employee satisfaction and team collaboration dwindle as well. When people can’t get their job done quickly and efficiently, it’s often discouraging and overwhelming. Help your team members get meaningful work done and retain valuable employees when you have a simple IT infrastructure. When employee satisfaction dwindles, it could lead to retention problems. It’s important to keep employees happy especially when  it costs roughly $4,100 to onboard and hire a new employee, and a typical mid-level employee needs over six months to become fully productive.

The Solution: A Unified Communications System

So what’s the answer to saving money while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction? The answer often lies in a single, cloud communications solution. With a complete end-to-end solution for calling, messaging, video conferencing, meetings, and more, you can transform the way your employees work. A single solution for all your communication needs can help you reduce costs, eliminate redundant systems, improve productivity and employee satisfaction. It can also enable:

  • Improved team collaboration
  • More efficient video meetings
  • Secure cloud calling and messaging
  • Additional options for centralized call center management
  • Enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption, administrative controls, and industry compliance

UCx with Webex is a single solution that can deliver on what you need most from communications solutions. Discover the single app advantage of UCx with Webex

Evaluating Your Communications Solutions Ecosystem

When evaluating your communications budget or IT infrastructure, assess if your business needs dozens of apps to get the job done. Most organizations discover they can save money and improve productivity by consolidating into a single unified communications solution. With UCx with Webex, you can even integrate with 20 top CRM systems and 200+ applications to truly create a one-stop shop for your business’ communication needs. Contact TPx today to see UCx with Webex in action.

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