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Employee Spotlight on Jonathan Goldberger

TPx has so many talented individuals working throughout our organization. Our employees drive our business forward and provide the level of service our customers expect.

This month, we wanted to highlight Jonathan Goldberger, SVP Security Practice and Strategic Sales. We were able to sit down with Jonathan and discuss his experiences at TPx. Learn more about Jonathan below.

Interview with Jonathan Goldberger

What led you into your current role?
One of our board members, Bryan Palma, asked me to speak with TPx on strategies to accelerate selling security solutions. From these original discussions in August of 2020, I consulted with the company for 2 months and then decided to join full time.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

As any parent can attest to, waking up is driven by my 3-year-old, but my work motivation is driven by my desire to:1) Enable TPx resources to be successful selling cybersecurity.

2) Be a proactive leader within this cultural, portfolio and operational business transformation.

3) Secure the Small and Medium Business market by making cybersecurity simple.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction in the work you do?

I thoroughly enjoy my job, but what I appreciate the most is seeing the success in others. I feel good when a teammate is tactically successful, for example, scoring a sale, remediating a customer issue or communicating cybersecurity in simple terms. It’s through others that I feel the greatest job satisfaction.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life and what has helped you grow professionally?
Failure and humility. Learning from tactical and strategic failures during my career and recognition that strategic success is through team success.

What career advice would you give your younger self?
Spend 5% of every day maintaining relationships with those I don’t interact with daily. For example, reaching out to colleagues from prior companies, old friends, and associates from my past. These relationships are so important to maintain, yet often receive little attention.

What’s the one topic you never get tired of learning about?

Human behavior and communication strategies (you did ask for two topics, right?)

What makes TPx a great place to work?

A unified group of people across the entire organization who want to succeed together.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and favorite things to do?

When not working, I have a weekly ice hockey game where I play goalie, teach Judaics in Sunday school, spend quality time with my four sons and wife, keep healthy working out, and watch University of Alabama athletics (“Roll Tide”).

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

Being a father and role model to my sons.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I am known for making the best scrambled eggs. Spoiler, the secret is mayonnaise.

Why is an inclusive workplace important to you?

We are all different and it is our differences that enable us to find solutions to problems. It is our differences that spur creativity. It is our differences that push us beyond complacency. When we embrace our differences and are inclusive of diverse thought, we can achieve differentiated success. Whereas, when we aren’t inclusive we only accept similar thought and we become stale, asymmetric, and one dimensional. These are characteristics of corporate failure.

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