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Four Valuable SD-WAN Use Cases

SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing a wide-area network (WAN). Traditional WAN uses hardware and VPNs to connect multiple networks, but this is often inefficient and expensive to maintain. SD-WAN can use any available connection to optimize traffic and bandwidth use. It meshes seamlessly with existing hardware, edge computing devices, cloud applications, and VPNs while providing centralized control over the network activity.

When combined with business internet services, SD-WAN increases efficiency and prioritizes optimal network traffic. The following four SD-WAN use cases show their value to your organization in terms of security, flexibility, and scalability.

1. Multi-Location Branch Connectivity

One of an organization’s biggest investments is expanding to multiple national or even international branch locations. One popular SD-WAN use case pairs business internet with SD-WAN to reduce costs and improve connectivity and performance. Even an enterprise with tens, hundreds, or thousands of branch offices or retail locations can use business internet + SD-WAN to lower costs and centralize network management.

2. Quality of Service

An organization’s reputation depends heavily on the quality of service they offer. Network issues, such as latency, insufficient bandwidth and traffic backlogs can negatively affect services and user experiences. So, companies that handle mission-critical data like financial transactions or organizations that stream bandwidth-sensitive multimedia can benefit from using business internet + SD-WAN to prioritize traffic and avoid pricey network upgrades.

3. Broadband Aggregation

Another SD-WAN use case can help large organizations and SMBs alike. By leveraging business internet + SD-WAN, businesses can boost bandwidth cost-effectively. Because SD-WAN uses existing infrastructure and connections to aggregate low-cost broadband circuits—and does so across multiple technologies—companies can avoid the expensive installation of private lines. The ability to use multiple technologies to optimize performance is one of the many benefits of SD-WAN.

4. Always-On Connections

In this era of digital transformation, many businesses are dependent on cloud communications and applications. Often, such technologies and the services provided by the organizations that leverage them require dependable, always-on connections. business internet + SD-WAN reliably delivers best-path routing or failover to eliminate costly downtime.

Pairing Business Internet service with SD-WAN provides your organization with the flexibility, scalability, and resources to provide dependable, quality services to your clients. Learn more about SD-WAN use cases and how SD-WAN paired with business internet can create a network of the future in our latest ebook.

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