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5 Common Networking Trends to Know

The networking landscape is constantly evolving and keeping up with its ebbs and flows is vital for businesses. Being knowledgeable on the latest networking trends enables you to choose solutions that boost efficiency and your bottom line. Here are five common networking trends to know right now.

Blending Networking and Cybersecurity

A network firewall can now be used for multiple purposes, including filtering traffic entering and leaving your network and providing load balancing and routing functions (like an intelligent network hub). This means you can have a firewall both detect and mitigate threats and manage the traffic flowing through your network.

Remote Network Access

Remote network access is pivotal in the modern business landscape. It is one of the most game-changing network trends, primarily because of the proliferation of people working from home or using a hybrid work arrangement.

This has made two solutions increasingly popular. The first is virtual private networks (VPNs). A VPN creates a secure data tunnel through which employees can connect to your internal network and cloud resources. The second is home-based SD-WAN deployments. A home-based SD-WAN setup includes a physical device installed in your home that interfaces with your company’s larger network. Once connected, you enjoy customized routing rules that enable you — and others — to get the most from your network and bandwidth.

Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) takes security measures that used to be positioned in a data center and brings them to the source of the connection. In this way, each device gets its own security protections, and settings can be adjusted according to the needs of the device’s user.

Managed Switching

Switching intelligently routes traffic across your network, and managed switching has a ton of potential. This is primarily because it gives you the expertise of data traffic professionals who understand exactly how, when, and why you need to move data. With a managed switching service, you can have flexibility akin to an SD-WAN solution, but with human professionals constantly monitoring and tweaking network performance.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is to Wi-Fi what 5G is to the internet: It’s the next generation of Wi-Fi. You can get significantly faster speeds than what is offered by Wi-Fi 5. This enables you to use more devices at the same time and take advantage of faster internet service. Wi-Fi 6 works by communicating with multiple devices at once instead of broadcasting to one at a time. With this technology, one router can simultaneously provide high throughput for many devices.

How TPx Can Help

While it can be challenging to keep up with the latest network trends, TPx is here to help. Our Comprehensive Network Guide outlines the latest trends along with everything you need to know about networks to ensure your strategy is on point.

Connect with TPx today to learn how your business can take advantage of these and other technologies.

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