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Answering the Call: How a Poor Service Experience Led to a True Partnership

Bozzuto has relied on a hosted voice over IP (VoIP) solution since 2009. However, when a large national company bought the provider of its VoIP solution, Bozzuto quickly saw diminished customer service in addition to other problems.

The team at Bozzuto, a diversified real estate company with 3,000 employees across 285 locations and 67 satellite offices nationwide, knew it was spending too much money to be such a low priority for their vendor.

The company has an 11-member IT department centered around strategic innovation and technology strategy to drive business growth and generate value for the company and its clients while creating a competitive advantage. Part of this team includes a centralized service desk that was experiencing a workload imbalance from supporting too many voice-related tickets.

Considering that the company continues to grow and has about 30 construction projects currently in progress, the Bozzuto team doesn’t have time to waste on managing a phone system when paying a third-party company to manage it.

A straightforward VoIP solution

While Bozzuto uses SD-WAN for its corporate office, it needed a straightforward VoIP solution for its properties scattered across the country. It needed a national company that could backend its solution with a responsive customer service team — a deceptively simple ask on the surface.

However, it required the provider to deliver on what it said it would, and the Bozzuto team needed a partner to pay attention to even the most minor details and respond timely to any issues.

After deciding to make a change, the Bozzuto Technology team quickly researched other hosted voice providers and interviewed several companies, including TPx. The due diligence included checking references to see how the companies actually delivered on their promises.

Between the level of service and the cost, Bozzuto decided to switch to TPx in 2017.

“Cost savings aside, the customer service is just as critical,” said Robert Price, Senior Director of Technology Services for Bozzuto. “Because we are not a voice provider, we leverage our vendor and partner as much as we can.”

A ‘no brainer’

Telecom provides an opportunity for significant savings, even just by making a minor change. Price regularly performs telecom reviews of Bozzuto’s locations that are not using preferred providers such as TPx.

A reliable but cost-effective phone system is one area where savings are ripe for the taking. The decision to move to TPx was a “no brainer.”

“Once the properties are evaluated, we are able to show our clients that we can move them over to a superior phone solution at a significant monthly cost savings. This has been key to the success of our partnership with TPx.”

The savings generally range from a few hundred dollars per year to several thousand dollars per year per location.

“One of the greatest moments is when we tell our clients that they will receive better service and improved quality while saving money,” Price said.

“Perhaps the most critical metric is the time his team saves by not having to become phone experts,” Price added. “They only need a little bit of knowledge, but we don’t have to have an in-house phone expert. We’re able to rely on TPx to provide that skillset.”

To learn more about how Bozzuto’s service experience improved after partnering with TPx, read the full case study.

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