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How to Survive the Great Resignation With a Managed IT Service Provider

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many consequences, such as global supply chain issues, food shortages, labor shortages, and the Great Resignation. A term coined to represent the mass exodus of workers switching jobs, the Great Resignation drove 4.5 million workers to leave their jobs in March 2022 alone. The Great Resignation affected skilled workers who switched companies to find more competitive pay, better benefits, and more flexibility during one of the hottest “job seeker” job markets the American economy has ever seen. About 42% of major companies were already understaffed with regard to IT, and the Great Resignation has only exacerbated the issue. Many organizations are now looking at a managed IT service provider to help fill the gap.

The IT and Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

With many employees bouncing from job to job, IT teams are spread too thin, which means that expertise often leaves the company. Re-hiring that single skilled worker comes with a high cost, too; replacing talent can cost 50-60% more than simply retaining the same employee.

Why exactly are cybersecurity and IT skills in such high demand with low talent availability? First, it’s a complex, highly technical field that requires workers with analytical, detail-oriented minds. Also, workers cite high stress as a reason for leaving the industry; in high-stakes positions, employees are inevitably stressed and held to consistently high standards with little room for error. Third, many employees claim pay is too low, and some companies offer little to no professional career development.

How Companies Can Survive the Great Resignation

With a managed IT service provider, companies can not only weather the talent shortage caused by the Great Resignation but also thrive. Managed IT service providers have the staffing, expertise, experience, and bandwidth to quickly jump in and execute an end-to-end IT plan. An externally managed IT service provider brings the latest technology, flexibility to adjust to your IT environment, and a simplified vendor management system. Also, a managed IT service provider offers cost predictability; since you’re working with a provider on cloud-based services, you don’t have to maintain on-premises solutions and hire the staff to continue those operations.

Partner With a Managed IT Service Provider

An expert-managed IT service provider acts as an extension of your IT team; if you’re experiencing staffing hardships due to the Great Resignation, TPx can augment that need. Our team saves your organization time and provides peace of mind that important technology and security programs are taken care of and running.

With a full suite of business internet, network, cybersecurity, and cloud communications services, the experts at TPx can solve IT challenges you may be experiencing from the Great Resignation.

Contact TPx to see how we can help augment your reduced staff to handle your infrastructure.

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