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Seven Reasons Why You Need a Good Backup Management Service

In a perfect world, businesses wouldn’t need backup management, but in the real world, it is a necessity. Technology isn’t perfect, and the people who use it on a day-to-day basis aren’t either.

Without backups, businesses risk a lot. According to a study by the University of Texas, 94% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss eventually go out of business; 43% never reopen, and 51% close within two years. Managed Backups are a necessity for any business. Don’t believe us? Here are seven reasons why you need a reliable backup management service.

1. Defense Against Cyberattacks

If you pay attention to the news, you know cyberattacks are growing more frequent and destructive. A robust backup management system makes it possible to reduce the impact of an attack by allowing for faster system recovery with no loss of data, even in the event your business gets hit by ransomware.

2. Quick Recovery After Natural Disasters

Without a reliable backup management system, a forest fire, tornado, or flood can lead to significant downtime and data loss. Having a backup in place can help mitigate the impact of such an event and ensure that your organization’s critical data and systems are protected.

3. Protection From Human Error

Human error will happen, and managed backups can help businesses protect against accidental file deletion, hardware failures, and overwrites caused by mistakes. Businesses that schedule regular backups can recover files with just a few clicks using our intuitive portal and comparing between backups.

4. Fast Failback From Hardware Malfunctions

Fast failback streamlines the process of returning to normal operations after a physical server failure. Simply provide a new server, create a bare metal restore bootable USB, and boot the new server. The system automatically updates the USB image over the network, allowing for easy failback with just a few clicks.

5. Data Secured With Encryption

A secure backup management solution, like what TPx offers, ensures data protection with AES-256 encryption both when it is in transit and when it is being stored. Users can also opt for local encryption and set passphrases for each device for an added level of security. Even if attackers breach encrypted data, it remains secure because they don’t have the passphrase.

6. Reduced Downtime

When your business takes advantage of scheduled, automatic backups, it is like having a time machine for your data, allowing you to recover granular data from any point in time. That means if your systems go down, they won’t be down for long.

7. Business Reputation Protection

Downtime and data loss don’t reflect well on your business. With a robust backup management system in place, you can minimize downtime and loss of data, as well as protect the reputation of your business and your relationships with your customers.

By now, it should be pretty clear your business needs a backup management solution. Let TPx help with managed backups, and you can always protect your systems and data. And we’re making Managed Backups even more affordable with a limited time promo offer. When you purchase Managed Backups and sign a three-year contract, you’ll receive Datto Siris 5 hardware for free. Contact a TPx representative to learn more.

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