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Six Reasons to Perform a Penetration and Vulnerability Scan

Ready for an alarming statistic? According to a 2022 study, cybercriminals can successfully penetrate 93% of company networks. That means almost all organizations are vulnerable to ​​external attacks, potentially exposing sensitive data and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. One way to secure your organization’s defenses is through regular penetration and vulnerability scans.

Penetration and vulnerability scans are designed to find weaknesses in your IT architecture. It can be an incredibly important tool to maintain the health of your business. Here are six reasons a penetration and vulnerability scan should be performed on your network.

Why Your Business Needs a Penetration Scan

1. Uncover Vulnerabilities

Just because you have security protocols in place doesn’t make you don’t have vulnerabilities. A penetration and vulnerability scan uncover issues you may not even know about, like a misconfiguration. Once uncovered, you can take proactive steps to secure these vulnerabilities before they are exploited by bad actors.

2. Prioritize Risks

Budget and operational obstacles might force you to cut costs in some areas, but security shouldn’t be one of them. A penetration scan helps you prioritize risks, so you know what to focus on fixing first. Fixing the highest priority items might quickly eat up your budget, but it’s critical to have a running prioritization list for when extra money comes your way.

3. Meet Compliance Regulations

Regular penetration and vulnerability scans help ensure your compliance and regulatory systems are up to date and can even help you obtain cyber insurance. Cyber insurance is increasingly important due to the frequency of security breaches. It can help your company recover costs related to business disruption, revenue loss, hardware damages, legal fees, and public relations expenses.

4. Understand Attack Feasibility

Not only do penetration scans uncover vulnerabilities, but they also assess how likely they are to be taken advantage of by cybercriminals. Attack feasibility insights can be used to better understand the attack path and can help block future attacks from infiltrating your infrastructure.

5. Improve Cybersecurity Incident Response

A formalized, documented disaster response plan is crucial, yet 68% of businesses don’t have one. By understanding how a vulnerability will affect your network, businesses can stay proactive and develop disaster plans to improve their response time during a cyber incident.

6. Save Money

A penetration and vulnerability scan can keep your business secure without breaking the bank; it’s a more cost-effective method to unlock vulnerabilities in your network over other testing methods. As one of the best tools you can use to understand where weaknesses are, it allows you to save money while protecting your business.

Get a Penetration Scan Performed Today

Expert security advisory services can help boost your cybersecurity posture and give you the information needed to make better security decisions. With cyberattacks happening every few seconds, your business can’t afford to ignore potential vulnerabilities. TPx can help keep you protected by performing a network penetration and vulnerability scan for your organization.

Don’t become another statistic; protect your organization against the threat of cyberattacks. Contact TPx to set up a penetration scan today.

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