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Three Ways SD-WAN Simplifies Network Operations

The modern network needs to handle enormous workloads without compromising the end user’s experience. With users accessing and using resources from all over the world, it can be hard to ensure data flows efficiently, especially if you have limited time, physical resources, and staff to monitor network operations.

This is where SD-WAN comes in. It ensures you get the most out of cloud resources, have an agile network, and can use automation to optimize performance. According to a recent survey, 52% of respondents benefitted from improved management and monitoring after implementing SD-WAN technology. In this blog, we’ll cover three ways SD-WAN can help simplify your network operations and improve overall management.

1. SD-WAN Optimizes Cloud Resources

SD-WAN enables you to balance the workload or cloud resources and ensure user traffic is being directed in the most efficient manner, simplifying your resource management process. For example, suppose you have an e-commerce solution that runs out of multiple data centers. There’s one in Boston and another in Los Angeles. A customer in San Diego decides to make a purchase online. Then because it’s during the holiday season, another customer, and another, and another start making purchases simultaneously, but some are in New York, others are in Atlanta, and others are in Seattle.

With SD-WAN, you can ensure that your cloud resources in your East Coast and West Coast data centers are used efficiently. Requests from those on the west side of the country can be automatically sent to the L.A. data center, and those on the east side can be routed to the one in Boston.

2. SD-WAN Enhances Agility

An agile network is one that can adapt to user demands in fractions of a second instead of getting bogged down and delivering an unsatisfactory quality of service (QoS). SD-WAN delivers the simple but effective agility you need to enable you to use software to control how resources are apportioned — and under which conditions.

For example, if a user is chatting via text message using a unified communications system, they need very little bandwidth for their interaction. But if they add video, their needs spike right away. If you multiply these kinds of changes by factors in the hundreds or thousands over a vast network, there could be significant throughput issues. But SD-WAN can be programmed to handle these kinds of fluctuations for you. This enables more continuous, reliable computing for end-users.

3. SD-WAN Can Automate Network Operations

Perhaps the most powerful attribute of SD-WAN when it comes to simplifying network operations is its ability to automate your network. Like other systems controlled by software, an SD-WAN setup can be run based on rules that automatically kick in when needed.

This means there’s no need to micromanage your network, continuously making manual adjustments to settings and studying performance dashboards while waiting for an error alert. Most network operations and functions can be pre-programmed and handled for you.

Start Exploring the Possibilities of SD-WAN

Implementing SD-WAN can help improve your network operations. Learn about the benefits SD-WAN can bring to your business in our latest ebook, The Network of the Future. And start exploring how SD-WAN can transform your network operations.

With TPx-managed SD-WAN solutions, you get top-of-the-line SD-WAN architecture, as well as an experienced team to ensure you get the most out of your system. Contact an expert today and discover how TPx can enable simple, efficient, automated network operations with SD-WAN today.

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