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Why Is a Security Operations Center Important?

Information security professionals consider a Security Operations Center (SOC) a focal point for implementing a strong cybersecurity strategy. Why is a SOC so important? Let’s look at what a SOC is, what type of activities it performs, why MSPs (managed services providers) decide to have their own SOC and why it is valuable for their customers.

What Is a Security Operations Center?

The main goal of a Security Operations Center is to operationalize security by making sure that the business assets (e.g., company data, hardware, software, etc.) are protected 24/7. Much like managed detection and response (MDR) services, the SOC includes security analysts that monitor and analyze endpoints (e.g., laptops, servers, etc.) and other parts of the technological ecosystem such as networks, databases, and other applications.

What Are the Typical Activities That a Security Operations Center Performs?

Typically, security teams within a SOC try to identify any advanced threats in the previously mentioned areas. They may also monitor these technologies around the clock to proactively avoid cyberattacks at any time of day.

The Security Operations Center also performs a different type of analysis for threats. If a breach occurs, they try to determine the original entry point for which it gained access. This helps organizations better understand their cybersecurity gaps and prevent future attacks. They may also perform an impact analysis, which allows them to measure if other systems were compromised or if the infection could spread further.

What an MSP with Their Own Security Operations Center Means for Customers

When an MSP has its own SOC, it offers several benefits for customers. First, a Security Operations Center offers continuous protection for any organization. This level of protection can be the differentiating factor in preventing a cybersecurity attack. This ongoing monitoring allows quick response time to security incidents, and it also helps customers avoid any short-term issues like company downtime or long-term effects like data loss.

Speaking of downtime, a Security Operations Center helps eliminate revenue loss by minimizing or completely avoiding downtime in the event of an attack. Remember – SOCs specialize in threat hunting, which means that they can help prevent attacks from happening at all.

When it comes to cybersecurity, SOCs equate to having technical experts available to you.  It never hurts for you to have a team at your disposal that knows all the ins and outs of keeping your organization safe from cybersecurity attacks.

TPx specializes in keeping businesses secure and monitors activity 24/7/365 from our own Security Operations Center. To learn more about how your business can benefit from a SOC, contact a security expert.

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