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Supplier Diversity Overview

Diversity is good for business and good for our communities. Join our diverse supplier network and we’ll help create new possibilities together

Building a Diverse Supply Chain

TPx is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive partner and supplier network. We’re focused on providing opportunities to minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, disabled-owned and/or LGBT-owned companies and celebrating diverse business practices across our supply chain. Through the Supplier Diversity Program, we proactively seek opportunities to collaborate and work with diverse, equitable and inclusive companies as well as with organizations that are focused on making an impact on this important topic.

Our Commitment

We understand the importance of developing a diverse and responsible supply chain and are committed to making a positive impact in the community. At TPx, we believe we are stronger and better together. Diversity benefits us all, which is why we are committed to providing equal and fair opportunities for diverse and inclusive businesses. Our goal is to maximize procurement opportunities for diverse suppliers, contractors and subcontractors and make a difference in the broader community.

The Program

The Supplier Diversity Program was designed to create a more inclusive supply chain that reflects the demographic diversity of our customers and employees. Our supplier selection and screening processes focus on identifying vendors who are not only members of a nationally recognized minority program but also those who are impacting diversity themselves. We are committed to strengthening our supply chain through diversity and achieving results within the program by setting goals, using best practices and reporting diverse spend across our supplier network.

Our goal is to not only maximize procurement opportunities for diverse suppliers, contractors and subcontractors but to also recognize organizations that make a difference, which is why our Supplier Diversity Program consists of two classifications:

Certified Supplier Classification

The classification of a Certified Supplier is open to all minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, disabled-owned and/or LGBT-owned companies that are certified by nationally recognized organizations including:

TPx also works with the California Public Utilities Communication Supplier Clearinghouse and recognizes any business that is certified under the CPUC Clearinghouse Program.

Impactful Supplier Classification

We recognize that many suppliers may not meet the qualifications to be certified as minority or diverse but have a tremendous focus on diversity. This focus can be on how a company operates, participates and invests in diversity initiatives or how a company spends with diversity suppliers. By focusing our Supplier Diversity program beyond just those who are certified, we will be able to communicate our expectations to our key suppliers who are large, non-diverse businesses and encourage other suppliers to have a supplier diversity focus.