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Rehabbing the IT Stack: How TPx Helped Provide the Right Technology Solutions

When an Ohio Company Needed the Right Technology, TPx Helped Make IT Easy

The Challenge

Toledo, Ohio-based Concept Rehab had a poor relationship with its existing MSP, yet it knew it could move to the cloud and lower costs —even with its IT team of one.

Quick Facts

The company has approximately 750 employees and operates therapy programs in 42 skilled nursing facilities in six states.

Concept Rehab lowered its IT costs by nearly 20% by leveraging TPx’s managed IT services.

The Solution

Concept Rehab replaced its existing MSP that was not delivering and partnered with TPx to upgrade and rethink its IT stack, streamlining solutions and implementing managed firewalls and networks, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Microsoft Office 365.

The Benefits

By moving its on-premises infrastructure to the cloud from a traditional network file server, the Concept Rehab team improved reliability, saved money and realized a greater return for its IT investment.

The Results

Concept Rehab lowered its IT costs by roughly 20% while ensuring its solutions were scaled appropriately, more resilient and secure while equipping the team with the tools they needed to be productive and effective.

About Concept Rehab

Concept Rehab provides contract rehabilitation and business navigation services to senior post-acute healthcare providers. They serve various healthcare facilities in the Midwest, including skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, assisted living, and outpatient care. Concept Rehab also offers management and consulting services to skilled nursing and long-term care facilities with their own staff. Concept Rehab values commitment, respect, and integrity, and employs clinicians with experience in various types of organizations.

Concept Rehab healthcare case study

“When we started the IT vetting process, there were six managed service providers (MSPs) that we started conversations with. And from start to finish, TPx was easy to work with. They were responsive; they made the whole process very clear, very transparent.”

Chris Woodard, Information Technology Manager, Concept Rehab

The Challenge

When Chris Woodard joined the Concept Rehab team in July 2020, he inherited a relationship with a managed service provider (MSP). But it quickly became apparent that the MSP wasn’t delivering what the company needed.

As the Information Technology Manager, Woodard supports the company’s end users, ensures IT security and HIPAA compliance, and oversees its IT strategic plan.

The previous MSP had been with Concept Rehab since 2017. However, the company had no dedicated internal IT resources until July 2020, and prior to then the company assumed the former MSP was doing everything they agreed upon.

“Once I got here and started asking questions, we found out there were services they were billing us for that had never been implemented, and their billing was intentionally difficult to make sense of,” Woodard said. “So, there were a few items that we had assumed they were doing all along that they weren’t. The former provider was not a good fit for us; it wasn’t a good relationship,” Woodard added. “They were not transparent or helpful in how you would expect an IT partner to be. So that inspired us to start searching for a new partner.”

Woodard knew a change was needed. While he does have another team member who splits their time between IT help desk tickets and billing, the company doesn’t have any other dedicated internal IT resources; he is effectively an IT team of one.

But he recognized that the right partner would help make IT easier and enable him to elevate the resources for the Concept Rehab team. 

The Solution

The Concept Rehab team sought to shift its IT architecture to be more remote-centric and cloud-focused. The goal was to better enable how its employees work while enhancing its security posture and compliance.

“We’ve always been a company predominantly of remote workers — they just may be working from a remote facility rather than their house,” Woodard said. “We realized that we had a lot of opportunities to change our architecture and the way that we approached it.”

As a company with a widely distributed workforce not connected to Concept Rehab’s network and domain, it had significant gaps in managing and supporting its devices and end users.

TPx helped Concept Rehab move away from its on-premises infrastructure and into the Microsoft 365 cloud. The company now manages user accounts and leverages SharePoint instead of a traditional network file server. While the team worked remotely before the COVID-19 pandemic, the TPx-managed firewall further facilitated Concept Rehab’s distributed workforce to ensure the network is secure — and should anything unexpected arise, Woodard knows he can reach out to his TPx representative to investigate further and ensure no unauthorized personnel can access their system and wreak havoc.

TPx also helped us to modernize Concept Rehab’s corporate office network, replacing outdated end-of-life equipment with modern network hardware and firewalls that provide the company with a significant degree of visibility and control that it never had before into what’s happening on its network

The Results

With the help of TPx, Concept Rehab moved 100% away from relying on on-premises resources and is fully cloud-based, giving its employees the needed flexibility to get their jobs done securely and efficiently. Concept Rehab also lowered its IT costs by nearly 20%. TPx looked at what technology Concept Rehab needed for their business goals and operations and proposed a comprehensive yet affordable set of managed services specific to their needs.

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Lower IT costs overall

“Being fully cloud-based means that with our remote workforce, you no longer have to jump on the VPN whenever you want to get something from your file server,” Woodard said. “By putting that capability into SharePoint, making it cloud-based, our team has positively reacted. Where previously they would avoid using the VPN to access files, now they can access the cloud security and easily find the files they need.”

“While we still have VPN in place, nobody uses it because this is a much easier process for them,” Woodard said. “Being in the cloud, it makes life a lot easier for everybody.”

To further support Concept Rehab’s distributed workforce, the modernized network hardware and firewalls TPx put in place has helped the healthcare organization improve network performance and provide an additional level of control, visibility and security of their network environment.

He’s also found in TPx a trusted partner with whom he can discuss ideas about how additional solutions might help in the future.

“Everyone I have worked with at TPx has been very knowledgeable and helpful when I have questions or concerns, and our billing has been extremely transparent and easy to understand,” Woodard said. “The biggest thing for me is that I now have confidence that we’re working with a partner who understands and cares about how our business systems operate and who I can rely on for help and support,” Woodard said. “We’ve gained insights and visibility to our network that we never had before, which has already helped us to track down and resolve issues we would never have even known about with our old MSP.”

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