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Managed Endpoints Helps Grower’s Secret Team Stay Secure

Comprehensive cybersecurity plan allows Grower’s Secret team to stay focused on business operations.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Today, Grower’s Secret (GS) has a location in Hawaii but also one in California. It is run by a lean team of 17 employees. To keep the company running at maximum efficiency, employees frequently juggle many different responsibilities. In her role, Jaz Jackson, Executive Administrator, became concerned about being targeted by cybercriminals and the threat of a cyberattack impacting the business. Grower’s Secret needed a comprehensive security plan to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.

Quick Facts

Run by a lean team of 17 employees

The Grower’s Secret Story began in 1995 on a mushroom farm on Maui

The Solution

TPx’s Managed Endpoint Security and Security Awareness Training ensured that both TPx experts and her own employees could reduce GS’ phishing risk.

The Benefits

24/7/365 cybersecurity protection keeps threats at bay and reduces downtime and ransomware worries.

The Results

Grower’s Secret has experienced no security issues and employees are able to focus on thriving, knowing their business is safe.

About Grower's Secret

Grower’s Secret (GS) empowers customers to be environmentally and socially responsible citizens with their innovative fertilizer products packed with organic, renewable, and sustainable ingredients to build a healthier, sustainable world for future generations. The Grower’s Secret story began in 1995 on a mushroom farm on Maui with a phone call that started a collaboration between two longtime friends, lab partners and plant pathologists. 

managed endpoint security case study for growers secret

“We get what we pay for and more with TPx’s comprehensive cybersecurity expertise. We consider them a long-term partner.”

Jaz Jackson, Executive Administrator

The Challenge

GS employees were receiving increasing amounts of phishing emails and Jackson knew the chances of experiencing a security breach were high. GS needed a partner that would create a personalized plan based on the business needs to mitigate their risk of cyberattack.

Since small businesses with less than 100 employees are three times more likely to be targeted, Jackson was concerned that GS did not have the infrastructure to withstand an attack. Understanding IT vulnerabilities coupled with a team that is solely focused on business operations, Jackson wanted to proactively protect the business from threats before it was too late.

The Solution

Jackson began searching for a provider that could not only help her assess and address her needs but was also affordable. After comparing potential providers, Jackson selected TPx due to their fully managed solutions that fit her budget.

TPx started with a vulnerability assessment of GS to better understand their IT infrastructure and needs. It was decided that GS would most benefit from TPx’s Managed Endpoints Solutions with Security Awareness Training to strengthen their overall security posture.

The Managed Endpoints Solutions would address their vulnerabilities by providing routine patch management, continuous monitoring, and proactively mitigating attacks as they arise. The Security Awareness Training would empower employees to distinguish and safely tackle any harmful phishing attempts would that come their way.

TPx’s Managed Endpoints Solutions are fully managed and monitored by TPx, which takes a lot of the heavy lifting off GS. As a small team, GS does not have IT security resources in-house, so outsourcing the 24/7 monitoring and alerting to technology professionals removes the unnecessary stress and provides smoother daily operations.

The Results

With GS’ vulnerabilities safely under control, Jackson is glad she chose to partner with TPx. “We’re impressed with their systematic approach, and we can always count on TPx to stick to our schedules and ensure that everything in their calendar is relayed to our team,” she says. “They are a trustworthy partner that delivers cost-effective results.”

Jackson is especially impressed with the significant improvement in how employees handle phishing attempts thanks to their Security Awareness Training. “TPx has helped us raise awareness on preventing email phishing through their security tests,” she notes. “In the beginning, a lot of employees made the mistake of clicking on the email links, but they quickly were able to familiarize themselves with the necessary workarounds and preventative measures.”
TPx’s Managed Endpoints Solutions not only provides GS with the cybersecurity they need, but also improves their system reliability and performance, reduces risk of downtime, and increases overall employee productivity.

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