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Automatic Lecture Mode

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Automatic Lecture Mode is automatically enabled when the number of participants (including moderators) in a conference is above 147. Once Automatic Lecture Mode starts:

  • An announcement is played to all moderators that the conference has entered into Automatic Lecture Mode.
  • Entrance and exit tones and announcements are not played.
  • All participants on the line are muted. Any new participants joining the conference are muted on entry. Participants cannot un-mute themselves. Moderators’ mute state remains unaffected.
  • Moderators can un-mute participants via the Moderator Client, but cannot exceed a total of 100 un-muted participants in a conference.
  • While the conference is in Automatic Lecture Mode, any moderator joining the conference may be un-muted on entry if the un-muted participant count is less than the maximum limit of 100.

Automatic Lecture Mode cannot be disabled for a conference. It remains enabled even if the participant count subsequently drops below 147.

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