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FAQ: UCx Chat History

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This page answers frequently asked questions about UCx Chat History.

Where are UCx chat histories stored?
Your chat history is stored on your local computer in an encrypted database format. Chat history is also stored on TPx’s Unified Messaging Server to provide the same history to every type of UCx application you log in with (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet). TPx’s copy of the history is maintained in an encrypted form, and is not accessible to the TPx technicians who maintain the servers.

Where are UCx group chat histories stored?
Group chat uses the same storage as individual chat histories. Each participant of the chat has their own copy of the history. No separate “group” history is stored.

In which folder/file are chat histories stored?
Chat history is stored either under application data or under the user’s profile, depending on if the application was installed for the local user or all users on the machine.

Is the history file encrypted?
Yes, it is.

Does TPx offer a way for admin users to view history files?
Administrators do not have a way to retrieve or view history files. History files on the individual machines may be backed up or moved to another machine if the user migrates. If the file is deleted, the system will download a new copy of the history file from the TPx UMS Servers.

Does TPx offer a way for admin users to back up the history files?
The history maintained in TPx’s UMS servers is automatically backed up during TPx maintenance cycles, which include on-network and off-network storage facilities.

Are messages encrypted between users during a chat session?
Yes, chat is always exchanged between client and server over a secured encrypted protocol.

Is a group chat encrypted between users during the chat? While writing to server?
Group chat is the same as individual chat. Each chat session is encrypted between client and server.

Can we restrict users from deleting their chat history?
Users are allowed to remove contacts and chat histories at will. There is no ability for an outside agent to review chat history.

Is there a script/bat file/program an admin can use to delete all types of chat history?
No, there is no script which can be used to delete chat history.

What are the differences, if any, on the above questions in regard to UCx on a mobile/tablet device?
The desktop, mobile, and tablet apps function the same. Chat is user-centric, and contacts are managed by the users. This management can occur on any client, and will carry over to the other clients upon the next login.

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