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Q: What is the URL for the Customer Portal?

Q: How do I log into the Customer Portal?
A: You may access the Customer Portal at and log in with the email/username and password that was set-up during the activation process.

Q: How can I request that a new User receive Customer Portal access?
A: Please contact our Support team over the phone at 877-487-8722 or chat with us by clicking the Chat icon on the lower right of any page on

Q: How do I request to remove access from a Customer Portal user?
A: Please contact our Support team over the phone at 877-487-8722 or chat with us by clicking the Chat icon on the lower right of any page on




Q: What activities can I currently do in the Customer Portal?
A: The Customer Portal provides access to more information and allows you to:
• Create, update, manage, and cancel support cases
• Download a report of historical cases
• Access documentation in
• Check TPx outage notifications
• Run a speed test
• Send feedback with questions or suggestions for the portal

Q: What activities will I need Dash for?
A: Please continue to use Dash for:
• Change requests (service changes, moves/location changes)
• Account administration (view accounts/locations, view contacts)

Q: How can I tell if a case was created in the Customer Portal vs Dash?
A: Support Cases created in the Customer Portal will begin with the letters “CS”, followed by a series of numbers. Cases created in Dash will only have a 6-digit numeric-only number.




Q: How do I create a support case in the Customer Portal?
A: Select “New Support Request” in the Overview or Support page.

Complete the Create Support Request form and select Submit:
Note: The Account and Contact fields are pre-populated

Q: What information is required to open a support case?
A: To open a support case, you will need to provide the following information:
• Support Request Type
• Category
• Service Location
• Product
• Description

Q: What if my location or product is not listed when creating a case?
A: Select the checkbox beside “My location isn’t listed” and/or “My product isn’t listed”. The TPx Support Agent will assist in filling out this information after the case is created.

Q: Will I get an email confirmation when I submit a Case? Do I need to log in to see updates?
A: You will receive an email confirmation upon case creation, along with continuous emailed updates if notifications are enabled, which is the default setting for newly onboarded customers. You may also log into the Portal to view updates.

Q: What if I select the wrong Support Request Type?
A: A TPx Support Agent will route you to the appropriate team.

Q: How do I search for a support case?
A: You may search for a support case by using the search box located at the top of all pages.

Q: How do I see the status of a support case?
A: You can select a support case number from the Overview or Support pages to see the details of a support case. You will have visibility to the customer-entered notes as well as any notes sent by the TPx Support Agent from the support case.

Q: Where do I find my closed support cases?
A: You can find your closed support cases on the Support page of the Customer Portal. Once you go to the Support page, you can filter support cases to see the different statuses, including the support cases in the closed state.
Q: Can I download a report of my support cases?
A: You can go to the Support page within the Customer Portal, filter the support cases based on the information that you want to see, and select the Download button. The file will be downloaded in Excel .xls format.




Q: How do I reset my Customer Portal password?
A: To reset a forgotten password, select the “Need help signing in?” link at the bottom of the login page. Select the “Forgot password?” link.

Enter your Email address or Username and select the Reset via Email button.

You will receive an email from TPx Communications <[email protected]> with a “Complete Password Reset” link that will expire in 1 hour.

Q: What are the password requirements?
A: Passwords must include at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, a number (0-9), and cannot re-use one of your previous four passwords, or contain part of the username.

Q: What can I do if I am trying to reset my password or unlock my account and it is not working properly.
A: Please contact our Support team over the phone at 877-487-8722 or chat with us by clicking the Chat icon on the lower right of any page on




Q: What if a “Guided Tour” stops working, shows abandoned, or I receive an error when trying to view a Tour?
A: Please refresh the page, select the left icon for Overview or Support, and re-select the Tour. It should start over. If you are in the middle of a tour and try to select a different tour, the current tour will reload. You must first complete or close a Tour before starting a new one.

Q: How can I provide a suggestion or correction for the Customer Portal?
A: Select the “Send Feedback” link at the top of the Customer Portal so that your suggestion gets to the right place and to be reviewed.

Q: Where can I find additional collateral to help me with the Customer Portal?
A: The TPx Customer Portal Guide is located at

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