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Poly Rove DECT IP Phones

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Speed Dial

Speed Dial 8 and Speed Dial 100 allow you to program speed dial numbers that you can call with the push of a button.
  • 3620

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking allows you to block your number from being shown when calling other numbers. Members of your group can still see your number when you call them. You can turn this service on or off for all calls, as well as selectively turn it on or off using a feature access code.
  • 3463

Last Number Redial

Last Number Redial allows you to redial the last number you called by clicking the "Redial" button on your CommPilot Call Manager or by dialing a feature access code.
  • 2169

Calling Party Category

The Calling Party Category service allows you to associate a category with a user. The category is included in the signaling for all outgoing calls to determine the allowed policies for a user.
  • 1952

Call Return

The Call Return service allows you to call the last party that called you, whether or not you answered their call.
  • 1635

Automatic Callback

Automatic Callback notifies you when a busy line within your group becomes available. A distinctive ring will be used to notify you when that user is available.
  • 1656