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Refresh Interval

The Workgroup Monitoring reports regularly refresh to give you a real-time overview of your workgroup. When the data refreshes, a Loading… message will briefly appear in the center of the screen.
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Reporting Timeframes

The reporting dates can be adjusted to monitor any time period. To do so, use the From and To fields located in the upper right corner of the screen.
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Call Detail Reporting

To view detailed reporting for a user in the workgroup, click the + symbol to the left of their record. The record will expand to display details on all inbound and outbound calls associated with the user. Click on a header in the expanded call detail report to sort the list by that value.
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Summary Reporting in Workgroup Monitoring

The Workgroup Monitoring application defaults to display a summary report of the current day’s activity for all users in the workgroup. Click on a header to sort the list by that value.
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Introduction to Workgroup Monitoring

Workgroup Monitoring provides live reporting on a subset of users, including detailed reports on inbound and outbound calls for each user within the defined group. The application is designed to manage a small group of users who perform daily call tasks, such as a customer service or sales team.
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