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Five Reasons to Invest in Business Communications

Worldwide, businesspeople who use smartphones prefer either email or messaging when communicating with colleagues. A full 46% put email as their number one choice, and another 25% indicate messaging is their go-to solution when connecting with others. A cloud-based business communications system can make it easier for users to communicate by incorporating several apps into one including calling, video conferencing, messaging, meetings, and more. Investing in business communications can help your organization increase productivity and provide a more convenient calling experience. Here are some of the top business outcomes produced by a cloud-based communications solution.

1. Create Redundancy

A cloud-based communications infrastructure doesn’t depend on on-premises hardware to function. Since the technology is housed in the cloud, this gives you the redundancy you need to maintain continuity.

Older phone systems that are only located on-site leave businesses at risk. If a disaster occurs or hardware fails, there is no backup. But with cloud-based business communications, businesses gain peace of mind by having their phone systems in the cloud creating a redundant system for their communication needs.

2. Improve Productivity

Cloud-based business communications solutions include collaboration features like screen sharing, whiteboarding, messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, team spaces, meetings, and more. This type of functionality can improve productivity and collaboration within a team by:

  • Making it easier to share ideas, sketches, and drafts of finished products with team members
  • Maintaining a digital record of the progress toward the completion of a task or project
  • Giving team members multiple, dynamic forums through which to connect, making it easy for them to choose their preferred method of linking with others

3. Better Employee Experience

Giving employees an easier way to communicate and collaborate with coworkers improves overall happiness. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you have to navigate communication obstacles while trying to remain productive. When employees don’t have access to a unified business communications solution, they often must work within dozens of communication applications. With a comprehensive solution, employees can quickly reach out to someone for a quick face-to-face or start a group chat, you don’t have to stop your workflow for more than a few moments.

4. Future-Proof Business Communications

Investing in cloud-based business communications allows you to scale when you need to instead of investing up front. You also get access to the latest advances in technology so your business can keep up with the latest business communications trends.

This is crucial when trying to attract and retain top talent. By having the latest and greatest tech solutions, you show your workforce that you care about their convenience and are willing to invest in making their workflows more productive.

5. Reduce Costs

A cloud-based business communications solution is much more cost-effective than an on-premises system. It’s easier to manage, freeing up staff to work on other activities — plus you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing old equipment.

This also allows you to avoid costly, time-consuming procurement processes. In this way, you can avoid the several hours of research, testing, and configuration it takes to acquire and implement a new system. The result is fewer people-hours and cash spent on keeping your communications mechanism effective.

With TPx, you get a comprehensive, cloud-based system that unifies your voice, chat, collaboration, and video communications. You’ll be able to enjoy greater productivity, future-proof communications, better employee experiences, and the safety that comes with redundancy — all while saving money. Learn more by connecting with TPx today.

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