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Overcome These Four Government IT Obstacles

Not only do government IT departments have what can be an overwhelming amount of work, but there’s also often a lot riding on their success. Critical infrastructure systems that thousands or millions of people depend on require many highly-skilled professionals. But government agencies are often forced to overwork their internal experts, which could lead to burnout. Read on to learn some of the challenges government IT departments face and how to overcome them.

Not Enough IT Budget

Even though government IT services are essential to a smooth, safe operational environment, they may not always top the list of priorities. Fortunately, the American Rescue Plan (ARP) includes $500 billion in funding that’s being made available to state and local governments. A portion of the funding is specifically earmarked for digital technology initiatives. Government agencies have until the end of 2024 to obtain and spend these funds, and they can be used to finance several government IT solutions.

Some of the vehicles used to disburse this money include:

  • Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund
  • Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
  • Emergency Connectivity Fund
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • Economic Adjustment Assistance
  • Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund
  • Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund

Outdated Government IT Infrastructure

You can also use the American Rescue Plan to address an outdated IT infrastructure. For example, you can use the ARP to modernize your IT hardware, software, and critical infrastructure. You can also spend ARP funds to hire consultants to help you decide which systems need to be modernized and how.

Increased Cybersecurity Attacks

Cyberattacks continue to be a top threat for government IT departments. With every new attack method or adjustment in attack technology, more time and resources need to be invested in addressing the threat. Recent increases in the frequency and severity of several different types of attacks have only exacerbated the situation.

For instance, the average ransom amount demanded by cybercriminals for ransomware attacks has gone up to over $835,000. Also, the average cybersecurity breach costs a state between $665,000 and $40.53 million. However, the good news is that you can use managed security services to address these threats—even if you have limited IT resources.

Minimal Government IT Resources

It can be challenging to fund the staff needed to handle all of your IT and security concerns, particularly for a government agency with a limited budget. However, you can augment your internal team with managed IT services, making it easier to meet your goals. An IT managed services provider can offer cloud communications, security, network management, and other managed IT services.

A managed IT provider like TPx can provide government IT services and solutions that can improve productivity and performance. To learn how your organization can take advantage of ARP funding to improve your technology infrastructure, as well as how TPx can help, check out this American Rescue Plan guide.

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