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Stop Overlooking User Experience in the Public Sector

While user experience is a top-of-mind topic for many industries, it is often overlooked in public sectors like transportation, law enforcement, local governments, public education, and other government agencies. Over the last few years, the public sector has focused on modernization, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to providing a better user experience. A positive user experience can promote engagement and productivity. As the public sector continues to work on modernizing its IT infrastructure, user experience should be a priority when adopting new technologies, especially cloud communications. 

Improving Productivity in the Public Sector

Getting things done efficiently in the public sector can often be difficult, but adding in roadblocks like legacy phone solutions makes it feel impossible. Modernization aims to increase productivity, and emphasizing a strong user experience will make or break new systems.

For communication, public sector organizations should consider implementing unified communications to improve productivity and collaboration. With a single application for phones, messaging, video conferencing, collaboration, and file sharing, public sector employees can use their time effectively rather than constantly being challenged with the poor user experience of legacy technology or having to jump in and out of different applications to collaborate and connect with their peers.

With consolidated communication, there are no large, expensive hardware systems that need to be physically rewired. Public sector organizations don’t need various single-use applications to manage either. A unified communications solution reduces the need for multiple apps and makes it easy to manage. Admins can add, delete, and remove users with a few clicks of a button from anywhere. Employees can even manage their own feature settings right from their computers or other devices.

User Experience That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Having great technology that’s designed for a better user experience doesn’t have to break the bank. UCx with Webex provides expansive feature functionality and a great user experience. With tight budgets and competing priorities, public sector organizations often don’t have funds lying around. Every penny counts, and with affordable plans, organizations will not only get a great user experience on their communications system but also save money in the process. Cloud communications are less expensive to maintain than outdated phone technology, and there’s no need for extra staff or headcount. Plus with cost-effective bundles from TPx, get cloud communications and security together for one great price.

A Better User Experience With UCx With Webex

Instead of working with dozens of apps for the same functionality, users can leverage a single solution to handle all their communication and collaboration needs. UCx with Webex enables employees to collaborate effectively from anywhere. With a user-friendly interface designed to make collaboration easy and simple, UCx with Webex combines advanced communication features and functionality all in one place.

Modern cloud communication offers better feature functionality and scalability, so why should important public sector organizations settle for the status quo when a better option can save money and create a better user experience? For public sector organizations, UCx with Webex is the answer to improving productivity and reducing costs, all while creating a better user experience for communication.

For more information about UCx with Webex and how you can get a better cloud communications user experience in the public sector, schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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