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What an Endpoint Management Solution Does

What an Endpoint Management Solution Does

An endpoint management solution helps manage the set of processes that help you to protect your information assets, prevent and detect threats, and restore the system after a breach. 

Capabilities of an Endpoint Management Solution

With a comprehensive endpoint management solution, you can ensure that all devices are working as they should and have the security controls and updates they need. This is particularly important with endpoints that run business-critical software because you need to make sure security patches are applied on a regular basis immediately after they’re released. Otherwise, you can have several devices running different versions of an application, resulting in anything from incompatibility to security vulnerabilities that allow the east-west travel of threats.

With an endpoint management solution, you can:

  • Administer patches automatically across all of your endpoints
  • Decide who has the rights to use each endpoint
  • Choose when employees can use endpoints
  • Limit which endpoints are allowed to connect to your network
  • Decide which areas of your network individual and groups of endpoints can access
  • Limit which applications each endpoint has access to

You can also easily enforce organizational protocols, as well as those related to mandatory compliance measures. For example, in a hospital, if some users shouldn’t be able to access a database containing sensitive patient records, you can keep their endpoints from navigating to that section of your network or app.

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