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Why Endpoint Protection is Important

Endpoint protection is the foundation of cybersecurity. It is important to protect systems and networks at the endpoint. This article provides more detail on another reason why it is crucial for businesses and organizations to have endpoint protection in place.

Firewall-like Capabilities with Endpoint Protection

Another reason why endpoint protection is important is that it enables you to apply firewall-like controls for each individual endpoint. For example, suppose you have a single firewall protecting the perimeter of your network, and it’s used to block about 50 websites that could pose threats. With this in place, no one in your network can get to these sites.

However, what if your security team wants to access one of the sites, a fake one that collects sensitive login information, to understand better how the threat looks from a user’s point of view? A single firewall would prevent this kind of access. But with an endpoint security system, you can give certain members of your IT team the ability to access more sites than the rest of your staff, which makes it easier for them to do their jobs.

The same concept holds true for organizations that want to have detailed control over who’s allowed to download and install specific applications. According to what their jobs entail, you can decide which employees have the right to install apps and which don’t.

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