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How Endpoint Security Works

How Endpoint Security Works

Here’s more information on how endpoint security works and understanding the endpoint security defense process. 

Threat Protection on Every Endpoint

The threat intelligence system used by an endpoint security solution is stored inside the cloud. This makes it easy to update with the latest profiles of the most recent threats on the worldwide cyber landscape. Threat intelligence data is then automatically sent to each endpoint, equipping every endpoint with the most recent threat information.

Endpoint Monitoring and Control

In addition to protecting each endpoint from attacks, an endpoint security solution also monitors and controls endpoint activity. Endpoint monitoring and control often involve:

  • Authenticating attempts to log in to the network from the endpoint
  • Administering corporate policies, such as when people are allowed to connect to different areas of the network, as well as who and from where
  • Limiting the websites an endpoint can access by either malicious sites and whitelisting acceptable ones
  • Controlling the applications an endpoint or a specific user can access
  • Controlling the kinds of applications a user can download

Data Encryption

Your security solution can also prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information by encrypting the data flowing out of an endpoint. If an attacker were able to intercept a transmission from one of your endpoints, they would only get a jumbled assortment of letters and numbers instead of something they or their device could read. The data can only be decrypted using a secret digital key securely embedded within the system.

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