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What Levels of Service Do Managed Service Providers Offer?

What Levels of Service Do Managed Service Providers Offer

The Levels of Service Provided by Managed Service Providers

Here are the common service levels of managed services MSPs offer in detail:

The MSP sets up the solution, hands you the keys for self-management, and waits in the wings to solve problems if inhouse staff can’t.

Both the MSP and your staff have access to the solutions and divide responsibilities between both teams. Often, the dividing line is drawn at capabilities enabled by tech available only to the MSP. For example, larger IT customers will ask TPx to use its test labs to update firmware that requires lab testing before installing on live systems.

Fully Managed
The MSP handles the implementation of the solution set and then manages, monitors and maintains the technology on your behalf, acting as a fully-outsourced IT resource.

Why MSP Size Matters

Let’s recast our managed firewall example from with an MSP in the IT manager role. Small MSPs may be able to source and sell you a firewall, but they can’t foot the bill for the firewall logging system, which is a separate cost. Larger MSPs like TPx have invested in the firewall logging system, providing your business with a complete solution.

Similarly, when it comes to regulatory compliance, larger MSPs like TPx are subject to third-party audits that determine whether their solutions fall in compliance with HIPAA and PCI-DSS and receive certifications verifying compliance. Smaller, regional-based MSPs are unlikely to have these third-party certifications.

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