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The Call Center Manager reporting provides a multi-queue overview report.


The Call Center Manager fields display the following:

  • Queued – Shows the number of calls currently waiting in the Call Center queue
  • Queue – Lists the name of the Call Center queue
  • Longest Wait – Shows the longest wait time for callers in the queue
  • Calls – Displays the total number of calls to/from the Call Center queue for the current day
  • Answer % – Displays the percentage of calls to the queue which were answered by agents
  • AVG Queue – Displays the average wait time for all calls on the current day
  • Assigned – The total number of agents currently assigned to the Call Center queue
  • Staffed – The total number of agents currently signed in to the Call Center queue
  • Available/Un – The first number shows the total number of agents with an Available status in the Call Center; the second number show the total number with an Unavailable status
  • Idle – The total number of agents who are not currently on an active call
  • Wrap-Up – The total number of agents who are currently in Wrap-Up status

The only display option you may alter is the data refresh interval, located in the upper right corner. The system defaults to 60 seconds, but you may change this to 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or disabled. The color scheme and column layout are fixed.

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