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Monitor Contacts in the Receptionist Client

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Receptionist allows you to monitor the call state of up to 100 selected contacts.

Receptionist - monitored contacts

NOTE: If a call is parked against the contact that you are monitoring, information about the parked call also appears.

Static Monitoring

Statically monitored contacts appear in your Favorites directory. This list of monitored contacts must be configured in the UCx Web Portal. Any updates that you make to this list of contacts appear in Receptionist at the next sign-in.

Dynamic Monitoring

With dynamic monitoring, you request to monitor a contact in your Group/Enterprise directory. The set of contacts that you dynamically monitor is stored as part of your account and automatically retrieved and activated on subsequent sign-ins.

To request dynamic monitoring: In the Group/Enterprise directory, click the Status receptionist-contact-state-available icon of the contact to monitor. The contact’s state is updated in real time.

Contact States

The state of a contact is represented by an icon located to the left of the contact’s name.  The state of a contact that is not monitored is shown as Unknown.

receptionist-contact-state-available Available

receptionist-contact-state-ringing Ringing

receptionist-contact-state-away Away

receptionist-contact-state-busy Busy (on a call or in a meeting)

receptionist-contact-state-dnd Do Not Disturb

receptionist-contact-state-cfa Call Forwarding Always

receptionist-contact-state-private Private

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