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MSx Managed SD-WAN Product Description

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MSx Managed SD-WAN Tier Levels

TPx offers our customers a choice between two service levels, CORE and OPTIMUM. Both combine leading tools, with our expert resources and proven service approach at a cost-efficient fixed price.

With both service levels, all features available in the MSR are supported in both the Core and Optimum service tiers. The on-boarding and implementation process for both service level are identical; TPx will make sure that all the supplied technologies are configured optimally, and that all your MSRs are working as designed. The difference between the service levels lies in how the changes to the MSR profile are managed.

The key difference between the CORE and OPTIMUM service levels is how much you want to offload the burden of SD-WAN configuration and management tasks to TPx’s expert team. The CORE service level is customer managed and the OPTIMUM service level is TPx managed.  CORE service level requests, performed by TPx that fall outside the normal service will be billed at TPx’s standard time-and-material (“T&M”) rates. Offloading the management to TPx frees up your team to focus on other business needs and you benefit from knowing that when it comes to SD-WAN, you’ll be covered – because TPx is supporting your MSx SD-WAN network 24x7x365.

For customers that want a co-managed option, this is available with both CORE and OPTIMUM. For an example, a customer that is provided Read/Write Access to the Orchestrator can make changes to the settings, add/delete non-TPx provided IP addresses, and add/delete WAN interfaces. In the event that the Customer has a trouble on their MSx SD-WAN network OR the Customer requires assistance with making the changes, the Customer may submit a ticket at any time.

MSx SD-WAN management is a complex process. While an SD-WAN can simplify hybrid WAN deployments, it involves deploying and managing network services for a variety of applications, distributed in different IT environments and across geographic locations. A do-it-yourself SD-WAN can be daunting when it involves multiple transport and access providers. With nearly double-digit global market share of the SD-WAN space, TPx’s MSx Managed SD-WAN supports many businesses like yours with a turn-key solution, eliminating the burden of do-it-yourself deployments while delivering best-in-class technology and expert management. The unique benefits provided by our MSx Managed SD-WAN service include:

  • Flexibility to Use Any Network – MSx Managed SD-WAN provides the flexibility to use any available Internet access regardless of service provider.
  • Guaranteed QoS – TPx provides QoS, backed by our service guarantee, over any provider’s network. Customized prioritization of key application data traffic ensures that your critical business traffic is delivered securely and efficiently.
  • Improved Performance – MSx Managed SD-WAN allows you to leverage multiple circuits simultaneously to maximize available bandwidth. Advanced WAN Optimization features improve circuit performance.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery – Flexible continuity options are available with MSx Managed SD-WAN – which include multi-circuit failover and 5G/4G LTE options, as well as inbound failover for remote users and web servers. This removes many traditional single points of failure and provide significantly enhanced Disaster Recovery capabilities.
  • Cost Savings – MSx Managed SD-WAN saves you money by allowing you to leverage high-bandwidth / low cost Internet, eliminating the need for expensive MPLS or Point-to-Point connections between your offices. Our managed approach also results in significant savings in overhead and administrative costs.


Silverpeak Velocloud


Installation Options

MSR Remote Installation

The preconfigured MSR will be shipped at the specified customer location. The customer is responsible to cross connect the circuits and connect the power adapter.

MSR Professional Installation

TPx Technicians are available to assist with your service installation. If you choose to use TPx Professional Services for your installation we will preschedule a time for a Qualified Professional to arrive at your install address and perform the following tasks:

  • Mount all equipment in a secure and safe manner according to manufacturer guidelines and recommendations. This includes mounting on walls or in data racks and cabinets (mounting hardware sold separately)
  • Confirm power requirements are met and adequate for the equipment being installed.
  • Power on all devices and confirm programming.
  • Locate and tag any TPx provided WAN circuits on both ends of the DMARC extension.
  • Cross connect circuits from WAN circuit provider’s handoff to the End User’s preferred equipment installation location. (End User is responsible for providing available pairs or data cables to complete the extension. TPx has relationships with cabling specialist and can offer their services at an additional charge if the end user requires them.)
  • Plug all circuits into TPx equipment and test connectivity and performance.
  • Troubleshoot any issues and provide a corrective course of action to TPx Support and the End User for any identified issues.
  • Assist End User in plugging their equipment into the TPx device and perform tests to confirm successful equipment installation.
  • Work with TPx Support to confirm all End User ordered services are connected and performing as expected.


Reporting and Monitoring

The Service provides data collection, reporting, and alarming via the centralized management platform (e.g. SD-WAN Orchestrator) available for TPx Customers. Default reports vary based on the, SD-WAN Service Platform (Silver Peak or VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud), MSR, and configuration:

Reporting and Monitoring


MSx SD-WAN Implementation and Onboarding

The following charts illustrate TPx project schedules for MSx Managed SD-WAN, including tasks and the length of each activity. A Project Manager (PM) will be assigned and monitor all aspects of the project, with respect to internal and external resources. This ensures that the Service is configured properly prior to operation of the network. The overall scope and goals of this project are to deliver the following:

A MSx Managed SD-WAN project is based on a forty-five business day schedule.

TPx makes your SD-WAN installation quick and easy.


An expedited MSx Managed SD-WAN project is based on a twenty-one business day schedule.


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