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Record an Audio Greeting From Your Computer

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With TPx’s messaging system, you can upload custom greetings and on-hold music to your Announcement Repository in WAV format. However, the system expects to receive a WAV file with specific properties.

Audio Recording Software in Windows

The built-in Sound Recorder in recent versions of Windows (including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) does not provide any options for controlling the output format. It defaults to WMA encoding (44.1 KHz 96 KBps), which is not compatible with TPx’s system.

To record new audio from your computer, we recommend using a program called Audacity, which is available as a free download here. Before recording new audio in Audacity, go to Edit > Preferences and modify the default sample rate and number of channels to match with TPx’s requirements.

If you have an earlier version of Windows, the Sound Recorder will allow you to modify the recording settings:

  • Windows XP and Windows 98: Before recording in the Sound Recorder, go to File > Properties, click Convert Now and then click OK. The Sound Selection window opens with options to modify your settings.
  • Windows 2000: After recording in the Sound Recorder, click OK and then click Change to modify the settings.
  • Windows NT: Before recording in the Sound Recorder, go to Edit > Audio Properties and click the Customize button under Preferred quality.  The Customize dialog box appears with options to modify your settings.

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