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To view notifications log in to the TPx Real-Time Application Portal, then click on the Notifications tab. This shows all call alerts from the current day.

Figure 1: Notifications Tab
  • Date – Date the call was placed
  • Time – Time of the call, displayed as U.S. Eastern Time Zone
  • First Name – First name of the user who placed the call
  • Last Name – Last name of the user who placed the call
  • Direction – Direction of the call: Originator or Terminator
  • Call Type – Where did the call go or come from: Network or Enterprise
  • Remote Party – Digits Dialed or Calling Party Number
  • Answered – Identifies if the call was answered
  • Talk Time – How long the call elapsed

Clicking on the + next to a row expands it. This displays the following columns:

Figure 2: Notification Tab – Alert Types
  • Alert Sent – Date and time the alert was sent on
  • Type – method of the alert: SMS (text), Call, Email, or Cell
  • Destination – Number or address the alert was sent to
  • Acknowledged – Date and time the alert was acknowledged
  • Message – Displays the message that was sent out in the alert

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