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Contact Testing

Contacts entered in the TPx Real-Time Application portal must be tested to ensure they are entered correctly and receive alert notifications. Contacts must positively acknowledge the test alert in order to receive actual alert notifications of critical events.
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Types of Alerts and Acknowledgements

The Call Alert Notification Service can generate different types of alerts via email, voice call, or SMS text message. When an alert is acknowledged by any of these methods, the date and time of the acknowledgment are logged in the TPx Real-Time Application portal.
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Viewing Notifications

To view notifications log in to the TPx Real-Time Application Portal, then click on the Notifications tab. This shows all call alerts from the current day.
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Introduction to Call Alert Notification Service

TPx’s Call Alert Notification Service provides alerts via email, phone call, and/or SMS text message when a particular digit string is dialed. The notification indicates the telephone number, name, and location that initiated the call, and provides a mechanism for acknowledging receipt of the call alert notification.
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