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The first step in the service relationship is Onboarding. The Onboarding Engagement is a one-time project that includes the start-up activities necessary to ensure that the ongoing service meets your specific technical and customer-service requirements. Onboarding also allows both TPx, and our customers, to understand the current health of your exiting Microsoft 365 tenant (if applicable) and to resolve existing issues1 prior to establishing ongoing service.

It is our goal to deliver a frictionless customer experience for you during the onboarding process.  As part of this you will be assigned a dedicated Managed Service Delivery Specialist.  This individual will be a single point of contact to manage the onboarding process and coordinate the other TPx experts that are part of your onboarding team. In addition, TPx will create a “Runbook” that will house all important documentation regarding your service and systems.  This Runbook will be maintained as your systems and/or service changes over time.

Onboarding deliverables

Service Onboarding includes the following major tasks/milestones:

  1. Engineering resource request
    • Your dedicated Manages Service Delivery specialist will request and schedule an Engineering resource to lead the technical onboarding process
  1. Welcome / Kickoff Call
    • Your dedicated Managed Service Delivery Specialist will schedule the initial welcome call
    • Contracted services and licenses will be reviewed
    • General project timelines, activities, and responsibilities will be discussed and confirmed
    • Microsoft 365 setup and migration process will be discussed
    • The customer Runbook will be updated
  1. Technical Call
    • Your dedicated Managed Service Delivery Specialist will schedule the technical call
    • TPx Implementation Engineer will review the project Scope of Work
    • Confirm all licensing details
    • Review technical configuration options
    • Verify system prerequisites are understood
  1. Partner of Record Change (if applicable)
    • Complete the Partner of Record change process to allow TPx technical support and billing management access to your existing Microsoft 365 tenant
    • Review users and license assignments with customer, adjust as needed
    • Perform a security and health check on the existing Microsoft 365 tenant (Remediation of issue is subject to additional charge)
  1. New Tenant setup (if applicable)
    • Create Microsoft 365 Tenant
    • Identify mail users, aliases, shared mailboxes, distribution groups and public folders
    • Create users and apply licensing
    • Configure the Microsoft 365 tenant
    • Test mail flow
    • Migrate existing emails (if applicable)
      • Provide discovery spreadsheet to Contact for confirmation of all that are to be included in the migration project.
      • Add additional license QTY’s to existing Subscriptions
    • Configure DNS
    • Test Impersonation (if available). Impersonation allows the Migration software tool used by TPx access to source mailbox without needing the Password.
    • If Impersonation is not available, Automated emails will be sent to each mailbox user prior to migration requesting their passwords. Customer Contact will be requested to send an email to all users to indicate the upcoming email from TPx is legitimate.
    • Determine user/license/mailbox assignments
    • Setup Connectors, if needed
    • Establish migration schedule
    • Execute migration and review status
    • Configure Skykick Backup for Email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Groups and Teams as needed. (For OPTIMUM Customers only)
    • Identify and address issues
  1. Support Handoff
    • Onboarding project completion will be confirmed
    • Managed Service Delivery Specialist will schedule a closing call
    • At this point the support relationship will be handed off from our Onboarding Team to our support team.
    • The TPx support representative will review final runbook details and services
    • Support active confirmation email sent to the customer.

(1) Issues such as simple configuration changes to support operational and security best practices will be resolved at no charge during onboarding. Larger issues such as major product configuration or troubleshooting may require additional billing.

Onboarding Timeline

Service Onboarding generally takes about 35 business days to complete.  Onboarding can be expedited as needed for an additional fee.



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