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Importance of Scalable Business Phone Systems

In today’s constantly changing business world, scalability and flexibility is critical. Investing in your business phone system can reap big rewards.

By transitioning to a cloud-based, unified communications solution, your business can benefit from consistent, manageable, and scalable connections with all team members, making everyone’s lives easier and boosting productivity.

Unified communications is more than just business phones, it combines business phone functionality with collaboration features like messaging, video conferencing, chat, whiteboarding and more.

The beauty of a scalable, cloud-based system is your business phone system can grow with your business. Here are some of the more specific reasons you need a scalable unified communications solution.

Scalable, Flexible Communications

Cloud communications allow you to scale your business phone system as you see fit. As you add more employees, remote workers, and strategic partners, there’s no need to worry about how you’ll huddle; you get a feature-rich cornucopia of tools to use how you’d like. A unified communications solution empowers businesses to grow their communications infrastructure as they grow as an organization. This means you are free to:

  • Expand without having to worry about physical limitations.
  • Connect seamlessly with satellite offices and locations.
  • Enable a comprehensive suite of connection options to people on the road or working from home.

Because unified communications are scalable, you can better manage your business phones and gain new feature functionality to improve business communications. You’ll also benefit from having more predictable communication expenses, so you won’t have to worry about spiraling out of control as you grow.

Expansive Communications Tools

Unified communications systems give your business the freedom to incorporate business phones, collaboration, messaging, and more into a single platform, no matter what phase of growth you’re in. This enhances your organization’s:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Ability to strategize best communication tools for different objectives

In this way, cloud-based business phone systems offer you a fully-integrated connection platform.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Cloud communications saves you considerable money, both up front and in the long run. When you consolidate collaboration apps and business phone systems into a single application, you save money by not having individual costs associated with each piece of technology. Because your solution is scalable, you can add necessary features when and how you want, without having to invest heavily in new infrastructure.

Also, because you can have all communications expenses handled by a single solution, you eliminate expensive redundancies associated with extra applications, servers, phones, mobile devices, and more. When it’s time to expand your business phone system, you can simply choose the package that makes the most sense for your business needs and your budget.

Easy, Intuitive Collaboration

The best way to tap into the creativity and talent on your team is to remain connected. Unified communications makes it easier to connect and collaboration, all while providing businesses the flexibility and scale they need to grow. Collaboration with a cloud-based communications system empowers team members to share:

  • Ideas
  • Feedback
  • Documents
  • Links
  • Content from other conversations
  • Presentations

In a sense, your unified communications solution gives you unlimited virtual meeting rooms where your people can connect whenever they want, using a variety of mediums.

Whether your business is expanding now or may grow in the future, a unified communications solution gives you a scalable, cost-effective collection of communications tools that make collaboration intuitive and straightforward. To learn more about what a unified communications system can do for you, connect with TPx today!

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