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How To Choose a Business Internet Plan for Your Store

Choosing the right internet plan for your retail business is essential. You want reliable service at a great price, but there are other factors you should also consider.

For instance, ecommerce companies, as well as brick-and-mortar stores, do a great deal of business online. A wide range of tools are needed to engage with customers, fulfill orders, create marketing campaigns, and manage websites, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Many of these tools rely on the internet, so making sure you select the right plan with the right speed is critical.

Why Choose a Business Account?

Even if you are running a small business with a handful of employees, you need the speed and stability of a business account to keep everything up and running at all times. This is crucial when you are using multiple apps, downloading large files, and sending important data to your employees.

Fast and stable internet connectivity will ensure apps and websites load more quickly. It also means you can send and receive emails instantaneously without any loss in signal.

Social media is another critical part of your retail business that relies on the internet. It gives you a way of regularly engaging with customers to answer questions and respond to feedback.

A fast connection that is consistent and results in a positive experience for you and your customers will give you a competitive edge. TPx offers the right internet plan with reliable, scalable services designed to fit your needs at a price you can afford.

How Do You Choose the Right Plan?

Before choosing a business internet plan, know your requirements. You can select from wireless, copper, coax, or fiber as your means of connection type.

No matter your internet connectivity type, the faster the speed, the higher than cost. Speed, however, should be a priority over cost because a slow connection can result in loss of business. Here are a few bandwidth numbers to consider.

15-25 Mbps | If you run a small operation with only a few employees and have basic internet needs like email and small file transfers, this speed will work. This is typically for small retail stores without a digital presence, but keep in mind, you will need a scalable service that will grow with you.

25-50 Mbps | This speed works well for around five employees conducting large file transfers and point-of-sale transactions. Video conferencing and similar communications will also work well in this speed range.

50-70 Mbps | Choose this range for more than seven employees who need to perform business tasks and collaborate. You’ll also have plenty of room for data backup and more stable transfers.

75-100 Mbps | This speed works great for more than ten employees who need to stream audio and video. It is also preferred when multiple people will use Wi-Fi at the same time.

100-150 Mbps | If your retail business is rapidly growing, this is the right speed range for you. It accommodates more demands such as web hosting, e-commerce, and an increase in data usage.

150-500 Mbps | This speed enables you to accommodate increasing employee counts and the demands of a growing business.

The Tier 1 IP network from TPx will deliver the fastest internet speeds possible, ensuring optimal use of all critical applications. Choose from the most scalable, reliable, and affordable options built around you.

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