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Create a Better Work From Home Experience

Millions of Americans have grown accustomed to remote work thanks to COVID-19. Now almost two years since the pandemic began, some are returning to the office full time or even choosing a hybrid model, while others are entertaining the idea of making the work-from-home setup permanent.

At the onset of the pandemic, companies were forced to rethink everything from holding meetings to team collaboration. IT departments faced additional challenges with handling app installation and system security. With remote work becoming the new normal, better solutions must be put in place to provide companies the flexibility and security they need to support their employees whether in the office or at home.

Combine Platforms

For IT professionals, remote work means keeping up with a multitude of platforms, apps and vendors all while keeping security a top priority. Having a consolidated communications app list can help IT professionals simplify their environment. Unified communications combines several apps for communication and collaboration into a single solution.

These include:

  • Phone
  • Video
  • Email
  • Meetings
  • Chat
  • File sharing
  • Whiteboarding

One reason to combine tools is to quickly locate the right apps to communicate and collaborate, avoiding app fatigue and confusion. It’s also easier for IT professionals to resolve an issue with an app or a security concern when there are fewer options in use.

Secure All Devices

Security is a must, especially in a work from home environment. All endpoints should be secure, including antivirus and security software installed on all laptops and other devices.

While securing endpoints can be challenging, the alternative can be costly.

Provide All Necessary Devices

Working from home requires more than just a laptop. To create a more collaborative and meaningful virtual meeting experience, IT professionals should provide other devices such as headsets and cameras to make meeting easier.

Headsets ensure a better-sounding microphone than the onboard laptop option. This improves sound for meetings, webinars, and customer service calls.

The same goes for an external camera. These remain in a fixed position for a more natural look, which also improves posture.

Make a Work-From-Home Checklist

Make a work-from-home checklist to ensure all employee needs are met. Regularly evaluate the items on this list and edit the list accordingly. This enables you to update items as circumstances change and helps the new workplace climate remain positive.

TPx offers a full suite of managed IT, unified communications, connectivity and cybersecurity solutions to enable a better remote work environment. Learn more about how we can help you create a productive work from home environment for your employees.

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